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  • Fredericton Nail Salons
    23/09/2020 - Sadie 0 Comments
    Gel Nails or Acrylic Nails, Which one is the best?

    Nail art is getting more popular than the conventional practice of only applying nail polishes. Nowadays, you literally do not need to own a good kit of nails to revamp your natural nails, because now there are various options available like acrylic nails and gel nails. Both look beautiful and attractive that most people would not even be able to guess that those are not real. Plenty of False nails options available in the market, also are not that costly and can be simply applied onto your natural nails. Most professional nail salons are well known for making stunning nails by using the false ones, especially on festivals like Christmas or new year’s, special occasions, or even at weddings, where the demand for these artificially improved nails can be definitely gauged.

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  • Shellac Nails Fredericton
    22/09/2020 - Sarah 0 Comments
    Shellac Nails, are they Good or Bad?

    A manicure and pedicure that lasts a couple of weeks without smudging or chipping might sound too good to be true, but thanks to a new trending hybrid gel nail polish, it does not have to be.

    One of the significant nail inventions of 2010 by a California-based company CND (Creative Nail Design), Shellac has increasingly gained popularity for its smooth finish and durable results. In Canada, Shellac is gradually gaining popularity as well, and the most trending topic in Canada in 2020 is “shellac nail designs”.

    The product is applied just like regular nail polish, but this is the very first powder polish to set like a gel nail polish under LED light. This drying procedure makes Shellac nail more durable and flexible than the regular manicure or pedicure, and reduce the long dry-times of traditional nail polish.

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  • medical spa and salon fredericton
    16/09/2020 0 Comments
    Tips for safe salon and spa experience during COVID-19

    Say Ta-ta to homemade facemasks and DIY hairdos. It is time for grooming and pampering again as beauty salons, Medispas, and day spas have been opened after lockdowns in different provinces of Canada. Protection and sanitization at Medical Spas, salons and day spas have become most important as provincial government advises measures such as temperature checks before entering into salon and spa, sanitization of sites, electronic payments, and new separate protective gear and grooming kits for each client, are established. At some locations, clients have to fill and sign a declaration form declaring their travel history (if they are not coming from any city, province or country which is highly affected by COVID-19) and whether they have been in contact with someone who is infected and has tested positive for COVID-19. To get an insider’s assessment about safety at beauty salons, Day Spas, and Medispas, which have been re-opened, we looked at what business experts are doing to make sure a safe and wonderful salon and spa experience for their customers and employees.

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  • Eyebrow shading Fredericton
    14/09/2020 - Donna 0 Comments
    Is Eyebrow shading really permanent, and why it is trending?

    Permanent eyebrow makeup is also known as cosmetic tattooing or permanent cosmetics. In technical terms, the method is called micro pigment implantation, derma pigmentation or micro-pigmentation. It is a modern procedure used in medical spas where pigments are deposited into the skin's layer. The treatment is done by cosmetic technicians who use several machines and methods, including traditional or specialized coil or tattoo machines. It is long-lasting and can remain in the skin for 12 to 48 months depending on the skin type, placement and color.

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  • Medispa Fredericton
    10/09/2020 - Jessica 0 Comments
    Which is the best place for Pampering services, Medical Spa or Day Spa?

    The spa is a great place to relax and unwind from stress. They provide a wide-ranging of services to help you feel and look perfect. But, there is a huge difference between a day spa and a medical spa, so it is very important to understand that what services you are looking for and for getting those services where you have to go, Medispa or day spa. Both types of spas offer beauty treatments that enhance your look and increase your self-confidence and may provide certain crossover services; they normally do not provide similar types of beauty treatments. If you are looking around for a specific beauty treatment, this article helps you to know what treatments they offer so you can make the right decision for better results.

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  • Tape-in hair extensions Fredericton
    08/09/2020 - Kristen 0 Comments
    Tape-in Hair Extension the best one for short hair

    Everybody desires and wants stylish long hair. As compared to short hair, long hair is an ideal choice among many females. There are a lot of hairstyles for which long hair is a must. Furthermore, you can test different types of hairstyles only on long hair. If you don’t have long hair then, don’t worry. You can also enjoy the colorful and bold appearance in short hair by wearing hair extensions. 

    The hair experts and innovators have designed hair extensions to increase your hair length by providing them a beautiful natural look. Hair extensions are the best solution for the problem of people with short hair or thin hair.

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  • Henna Brows Treatment Fredericton
    04/09/2020 - Carrie 0 Comments
    Henna Brow Tint, A natural way to dye your brows

    It is just similar to how you colour your hair. Brow tinting is a procedure of applying non-permanent henna, dyes, or waxes to your eyebrows to give it a more polished and fuller look. This works perfect on brows that are patchy, light, or thin meanwhile it can vividly improve your look. But everyone can get their brows tinted to make simpler their grooming routine.

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  • Hybrid lash extensions Fredericton
    02/09/2020 - Jessica 0 Comments
    Things you should know about Classic, Volume and Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

    If you are going to get eyelash extensions treatment for the first time, then the next, a lot of suggestions might overwhelm you, but don’t worry; we are going to describe each one so you can take an informed decision when picking your very first treatment. Let’s discuss in this article first what lash extensions are.

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  • Brow lamination Fredericton
    31/08/2020 - Sarah 0 Comments
    What is Eyebrow Lamination and why it is a good alternate to microblading?

    If you are going for an eyebrow beauty treatment and looking for an ideal option, then you will be surprised that brow lamination, eyebrow lamination kit, micbroblading alternative, and eyebrow lamination near me are trending now as compared to any other beauty treatment. Now your first question will be what brow lamination is and why you should go for it. In this article, we will provide you all the helpful information about this new trending brow-boosting treatment.

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  • Fredericton Hairstylists
    27/08/2020 0 Comments
    Six Hairstyles which you can wear to look young 2020

    Marks of aging begin to show as we get older. This is a natural phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean we have to look aged than we actually are. I have never seen a lady who wishes that! The first target of aging marks is your face. It’s common to go to the skin expert to have your skin cured, to get rid of dark spots, and decrease fine lines. As the benefit of facials and regular skincare to reduce the signs of aging has revealed to me, I also suggest an even modest solution: go to the hairstylist instead!

    After a lot of research, I have seen personally how a suitable hairstyle can take years off a woman’s look. You can look younger with the best hairstyle, when you work with your hairstylist, as you both work together to get the style that helps you to look fantastic.

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  • Hair Treatment Fredericton
    25/08/2020 - Kisten 0 Comments
    What is Hair Gloss and How Often you should apply this?

    In the world of hair salon industry, there are primarily two categories of hair, color treated and virgin hair. Virgin discusses the hair that have not ever been colored previously. So, if you have never lowlighted, highlighted, colored, dyed, or in any other technique changed the color of your hair, it means you have virgin hair.

    What does that mean when you are going for your first hair color treatment?

    It means you have a lot of hair color treatment selections. Because virgin hair has not ever been chemically treated, it is naturally easier and healthier to work with as far as dyeing goes, which is best for a newbie like you.

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  • Eyebrows tinting Fredericton
    20/08/2020 - Anne 0 Comments
    Why Brows Tinting is good for you and how to get best from this

    Eyebrow tinting is a technique of dyeing the eyebrow with a semi-permanent chemical or vegetable dye that is mainly manufactured for tinting by the developers. It is an easy process of  enhancing or changing the natural colour of brows to improve their thickness and form. You can either choose to do as DIY by buying some eyebrow tinting kits or a specialized service at a reputable spa in your area. This process doesn’t take more than thirty minutes, and the effects last for more or less a month.

    Is Eyebrow tinting a really Good Choice?

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  • woman with curly hair
    18/08/2020 - Kristen 0 Comments
    Which hair Color Treatment is best? Hair Highlights vs. Balayage

    Currently, highlights are not as general as they used to be. However, something certainly needs to swap back then popular hair highlights. The modern procedures of stylish hair care like balayage hair color also came in fashion, as the latest technology came. We know the new technique is Balayage which, is the brilliant option to give the inclusive tone and highlights to your hair. In this article, I will be deliberating differences between the hair highlights and Balayage and also their drawbacks to help you all to select the best hair color treatment. You can carry a natural sun-kissed appearance by choosing Balayage hair color, and the straight strands by selecting highlights.

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  • Facials Fredericton
    17/08/2020 - Breanna 0 Comments
    Do you know these incredible skin benefits of Regular Facial?

    There is something about a specialized facial that always leaves your skin tone radiant, no matter how well you deal with your skin at home. Even for those naturally blessed persons who don’t have severe acne, discolourations, or hyperpigmentation, regular facials can still help in keeping the skin smooth and free of debris. 

    Regular facials are an ideal way to find out what makes your skin distinctive and how to treat it going forward. Besides, regular facials permit us to experience a thorough delight for a part of our day and are a comforting activity that hushes our stress hormones. Freeing your pores with regular facials help you to relax and distress.

    Few Major skin benefits of Regular Facials we are going to describe here:

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  • Olaplex hair treatment
    14/08/2020 - Rachael 0 Comments
    An Ultimate Guide about Olaplex Hair Treatment 2020

    If you are ever thinking about testing with an icy blonde or intense platinum hair colour but hesitate due to the risky chemical procedures and complete damage, it takes a look no more than a hair treatment, which is called Olaxplex. It could turn your dream into reality. Hair damage is expected, particularly if you are getting it coloured more frequently, but your spoiled hair may not be a total lost reason after all!

    Olaplex is the most buzzed-about hair treatment to try in years since the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. It is usually a three-step hair treatment method that is acknowledged and dominantly influenced by scientific study that could be considered the perfect hair treatment for damaged hair.

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  • Keratin Hair Treatment Fredericton
    13/08/2020 - Kristen 0 Comments
    Types of Keratin hair treatments and its Pros and Cons

    If you are struggling with curly, unmanageable hair, you should consider getting a Keratin Hair Treatment. The effects of the treatment provide desired results by strengthening the hair shaft and making your hair healthier and are long-lasting.

    What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

    Keratin is the primary structural material that makes up the outer layer of your skin, hair, and nails. As you may know, Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin makes hair healthy and shiny, but the protein is weaker in textured and curly hair, which results in frizz and dryness.

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  • Lash Extensions Fredericton
    11/08/2020 - Emily 0 Comments
    Things you need to know before Lash Extensions

    Eyelash extensions, a new fashion that offers you fuller and longer eyelashes without the need for mascara.

    This new beauty treatment can reduce your morning makeup routine but can also come with certain serious risks, that’s if you don't appropriately pay attention to them.

    With lashes, you can come in, and you know, in one and half hours to three hours later, you are a new person with long and beautiful lashes.

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  • Manicures fredericton, pedicures fredericton
    07/08/2020 - Kayla 0 Comments
    Tips for Best Spa experience while doing a Pedicure

    These spa experience tips are helpful for both clients and nail technician, and here we try to describe which kind of services the client can expect precisely, and nail technician should consider. Several people will prefer a salon that they go to get their nails done based on the type of pedicure equipment and products they have to offer. The right pedicure spa sitting arrangements can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to pamper someone. Various techniques are followed for a soothing experience that will help them relax after a long day.

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  • Hydrafacial Fredericton NB
    05/08/2020 - Madison 0 Comments
    An Ultimate Guide about HydraFacial Treatment in Fredericton

    Are you becoming uncomfortable with how aging is upsetting your skin texture? Why delay until you are going to combat with wrinkles to start taking care of your skin? It’s true that the time to begin taking the right care of your complexion is today, and that, with the correct treatments, you can dynamically work to make your future easier! If you are considering to avoid future scars, wrinkles, lines, acne, or other signs of aging, HydraFacials are going to be your flawless adoptable treatment for smooth sailing from here on out. Irrespective of your skin type, complexion or age, HydraFacials are going to help you stay smooth and cool.

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  • Nail Salons Fredericton
    05/08/2020 - Sarah 0 Comments
    How to find the Best Nail Technician Institute in 2020

    If you are interested in having a brilliant career in the field of the nail industry, you will have to find a best Nail Technician Institute. However, you should understand that learning to become one does not only assume you learn how to do a best pedicure and a manicure. In fact, this career requires much more skills and information in order to get the sort of training which is required for this kind of a career. So, you will have to find the best institutes in the nearest area or far away from your location if you are prepared to live in the institute campus. If you agree to look for excellent schools you may pay most consideration to the chance to get listed into the course of nail technology training, one of the top places for you to look for a required school is search engines. In fact, there is a countless variety of different recommendations you are going to see when you search via the internet. Typically, these recommendations involve online training universities and institutes, which are located in your nearby area.

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  • Best Laser Hair Removal Fredericton
    03/08/2020 - Jenny 0 Comments
    Which is the best hair removal treatment in 2020

    With the beginning of New Year, you may well be considered for a different take on your beauty and health or own grooming management. For several folks, hair removal is an important part of that regime. Unwanted hair has a habit of appearing where it’s far from welcome and can hurt your self-confidence.

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  • Moroccanoil hair care, skin care, treatments, shampoo, conditioner
    29/07/2020 - Richard 0 Comments
    How to Treat Skin and hair Problems with Moroccan Oil

    It is completely impossible to surf the internet and not find a couple of most recent trends in the field of beauty and health. There is persistent posting on different exotic ingredients and superfoods that are not only a rarity (so that’s why expensive) but also potential in resolving some of the ordinary health and skin care problems. Furthermore, investigating these trends for the last few years, it would not be wrong to say that now essential oils and super seeds are dominating the charts. So munch on the goodness of goji berries, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and the like, and make way for superb oils into your own regime. This portion objects to reveal one such oil from the heart of Morocco. It is excellent for your beauty related problems.

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  • common hair problems, hair care, hair treatment
    27/07/2020 - Misaw 0 Comments
    Simple Tips to have Perfect Hair in 2020

    Do not neglect your hair! 

    This may be because you aren’t just sure what steps you should be taking to keep your hair healthy. This article provides easy techniques to

    resolve some common hair problems. Take a daily multi-vitamin and minerals. One of the excellent ways to guarantee natural hair growth is to take in a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Taking a daily vitamin and minerals will supplement your nutritional intake to make sure that your body’s needs are met or exceeded. Select a good-quality vitamin and minerals designed for individuals of your gender and age.

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  • bride
    23/07/2020 0 Comments
    3 Bridal Updos That Are Absolutely Stunning

    Every woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. Many women put in long hours at the gym, trying to lose weight and tone up before their special day arrives. Other women spend a fortune on the wedding dress of their dreams.

    However, you will have to do more than find a great dress if you want to look amazing at your wedding. The easiest way is to select the right kind of hairstyle for your personality, facial features and how well it looks with your bridal gown.
    In the majority of cases, brides opt for some kind of updo. Below are three bridal updos that will make you look stunning.

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  • 23/07/2020 0 Comments

    It’s official: 2016’s biggest hair trend is the platinum blonde bob. And we have one woman to thank for that: actress and fashion icon Kristen Stewart. Kristen has come a long way since her debut, both in terms of the kind of work cinematic work she’s doing and how fully, beautifully she’s accepted her own personal brand of style and expression.

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  • 05/07/2016 0 Comments
    Disconnected Haircut Guide for Men

    Your blueprint to the disconnected haircuts for a dapper look

    Disconnected haircuts have been very popular as of the last 5 years, starting with the ever-so-present undercut haircut and finishing with the trendy executive contour haircut. However, there seems to be some kind of confusion over the range of disconnected haircuts, so not only would I like to make it clear what a disconnected haircut is with this guide but I’d also like to give cover the main 4 disconnected haircuts that are killing it as of now. As usual, I will be including pictures in this guide and you’re free to ask any questions that you may have on these types of disconnected haircuts.

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