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Balayage is a French word which means to paint or sweep; basically, it is not a specific color itself but a unique colour application technique. Balayage hair color technique is used to achieve a naturally blended, lightened look. While we typically associate this process with becoming blonde, the same method can be applied to create espresso, caramel, or even pastel strands. In other words, if you want a sun-kissed and multi-tonal result, then the Balayage technique is right for you.

Balayage Process

During the Balayage process, your stylist applies the color like a painting process rather than folding your hair into the foils. Your balayage expert will have more artistic, freehand expressions in this hair painting method, and as a result, you will have a perfectly soft natural looking gradient that so many of us want. With the Balayage hair process, your colorist hand-selects which strands or sections of hair will have a lightener applied to them. Thanks to this hand-painted process, hair colorists can choose the placements to best complement your skin, haircut, and features for a really natural look.

Is the Balayage coloring technique suitable for all hair types?

Balayage highlights deals with both dark and light hair, depending upon how much lighter you need. The coloring will look fabulous no matter if your hair is straight, curly, or wavy. Experienced colorist at the vibrant salon and Spa has various strategies. We will find out the best suits according to your hair. Balayage is not just for blondes; we also use it on redheaded and brunette clients. So, everyone can try this salon based low maintenance hand-painted hair coloring technique.

The process is safe for your natural hair if your salon uses the best balayage hair dye. When it comes to Balayage prices, then it is more economical as compared to any other high-end coloring process.

What to do before the Balayage Appointment?

Balayage consultation before booking your appointment is recommended. If you are ready for this trending hair coloring technique, then please first consult with our balayage hair experts. They will examine your hair texture, type, your skin tone and explain to you the complete hair coloring process.
If you want some specific hair color, then bring a few balayage style images that you want, and discuss with your Balayage hair salon expert how to make that style work for you. Your service provider will find a blend of hair colours according to your skin tone and hair. You may also ask for a Balayage color chart if you want to see some more options. During consolation, the expert can also tell you how much time they might need to complete this process according to the depth of the highlights and your hair type.
Balayage and Ombre are often confused, but those two are different.

Balayage Vs Ombre

Balayage is a beautifully blended highlighting process that grows lighter towards the ends of the hair. There are different types of balayage, including color melting and root stretching. In comparison, Ombre is a bolder hair color technique where you can generally see a contrast between the hair colors used as it grows from darker roots to lighter ends. Now you can even try to reverse ombre, where lighter roots grow into much darker ends.

Here are a few Balayage advantages

  • Add beautiful color dimensions to your hair

  • Its low maintenance, so fewer visits to the salon

  • This can give a thicker and fuller look to your hair

  • Balayage is suitable for short, long, and even curly hair

  • It is entirely safe for your natural hair

Balayage before and after
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