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Jelly Pedicure

A jelly pedicure is achieved by filling a basin with warm water — much like you would for any other foot spa product — and then dumping in the jelly mixture. The mixture comes in a small packet and pours out in powder form. After a few moments of mixing the powder into the water, it will start to take the jelly shape.

Much like edible jelly comes in a variety of flavors, the jelly used in pedicures comes in a variety of colors and scents. The colors are primarily cosmetic and are used to signal what scent the jelly is.


Jelly Pedicure Benefits?

Now that you have a good idea of what a jelly pedicure is, you may be wondering what benefits it has over other types of spa treatments.


Pick the perfect scent and soak in the aromatherapy!

One of the significant benefits of a jelly pedicure is that it exfoliates the skin. Ingredients in the jelly work to open your pores, helping to get rid of toxins in the skin and making the skin softer. Plus, there are other ingredients in the jelly that works to make your skin softer and target dead skin cells, making them much easier to remove after the bath is over.

Another major benefit of jelly pedicures is that the jelly helps the water retain heat longer than it would in a normal foot bath. Have you ever used a home foot spa and noticed that the water starts to cool after 15 or 20 minutes? It is a significant issue, and it makes it hard to enjoy a nice, relaxing foot bath because you are constantly worrying about keeping the water warm. Well, the jelly helps lock in heat, meaning you can soak your feet much longer without having to reheat the water. 


This also helps the muscles in your feet and ankles. Hot water relaxes tense muscles and nerves and promotes circulation. So, by keeping the water warmer for longer, the jelly pedicure makes it easier for the muscles in your feet to relax.


The scent is important because jelly pedicures also have an aromatherapy effect. Most mixtures that you put in your foot bowl give off a scent, but jelly pedicure mixtures really give off solid scents, and they are meant to. The scent helps you relax and enjoy the pedicure. So, obviously, picking a scent you can enjoy is essential because you will be smelling it throughout the pedicure.


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