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Gel Nail Manicures

A gel nail manicure is a type of nail treatment in which our nail technician uses gel to create synthetic fingernails, binding them to your natural ones and coloring them. Though gel nails are generally long-lasting and don't chip, you will have to take special care when removing them.



During a gel nail manicure at our nail salon, our esthetician first cleans and shapes your natural nails and pushes the cuticles back. She then applies a base coat, which helps the polish adhere better, and then applies several coats of polish to the nails. After each layer is painted, you will put your hand under a small LED lamp for a few seconds or minutes to cure and harden it. Finally, our nail technician ends by applying a clear top coat to seal and protect the nails.

We use LED lights to cure the gel so it will not expose your hands to UV light.

Gel nails can be painted any color, but you may choose to get clear ones for a natural look. The color generally lasts for a few weeks without significantly changing. The gel itself is usually a soft white colour, which can enhance the look of your fingernail tips.


Aftercare and Removal

Natural nails continue to grow under the gel nails, so you must get them filled in after two or three weeks. The process for a filling is similar to that for a regular gel manicure, with our manicurist filing and shaping the gel nails and removing and repainting the color so that it will look brighter and last longer. You may choose just to get the colour renewed or to get the new gel to fill in the space where the nail has grown out, near the cuticle. Your gel nail manicure may last up to one month, depending on your lifestyle and the length of your fingernails. If you wish to remove gel nails, they will need to be filed off. You should never try to peel or pry the nails off since this can tear off your natural fingernails.


Gel Nail advantages

Many people prefer a gel manicure since it's odourless, has a realistic look and feel, and is usually long-lasting. Gel nails also don't need lift, polish, or backfills, and when removed properly, don't damage the nail like acrylic nails sometimes do. Additionally, the polish acts as a shield against anything that might weaken or damage the nails, such as moisture or other elements. If you are interested in having Gel Nails applied at our salon, you will need to allow approximately two hours for this application.

Manicures Fredericton
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