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Nail Salon in Fredericton


The vibrant nail bar is a luxury, charming nail salon located in Uptown Fredericton. We offer nail care and nail enhancement services such as manicures and pedicures with state-of-the-art nail salon massage chairs and industry's best skincare products.

We offer a variety of Mani and Pedi services ranging from a simple manicure and pedicure to hand soaking and complex nail art. We always discard files, buffers, and disposable liners after each use. We offer complete peace of mind to our clients as they will not have to worry about any kind of cross-contamination. You will find excellent services that the best nail salons provide. In addition to nail services, we are offering other beauty services, such as hair services, day spas, and medical spa services.


The manicure is a popular nail salon pampering service for hands and nails. The hands and nail's health are checked during these salon-based services, then the manicurist refines and reshapes the nails according to your requirement and nourishes the front and back of the hand. During the classic manicure process, your manicurist will remove nail polish from your hands and clean them thoroughly. After assessing the condition of the nails, she will cut and shape them because too long or short nails can cause different health problems like fungus infection.

So, it is necessary to cut and shape them if they are too long. In the next step, your cuticle will be pushed back, then she will nourish your hands and nails with creams or lotions for skin protection. In the final stage, the technician will apply gel nails or traditional nail polish to give a radiant look to your hands. These are the general steps of a regular manicure, but you can discuss with your service provider some other options, like American or French manicures, and choose the one according to your skin and nail condition.


Just like a manicure, a pedicure is a beauty treatment for feet and nails. Our feet are the only organ that gets most of the stress due to standing and walking. The best way to provide relaxation to your feet is to get a pedicure service from a professional nail salon’s pedicurist. The treatment is helpful in removing tan, keeping feet moisturized, and making your nails healthy and beautiful.

A stress-free feet massage message is provided by the nail technician, which also helps to improve blood circulation. During the pedicure process, the nail technician will wash feet and remove any nail polish. She will cut and shape the nails according to your desire and then buffer the top to improve the shine. Pushing cuticles and pulling excess skin is also an essential part of the treatment. Sometimes exfoliating creams or lotions can be used to remove the dead skin.

Further, your tech will apply a thick layer of moisturizing lotion and message. And finally, you can choose the color of your choice, and your pedicurist will apply it to your nails. These are the standard steps, but the actual pedicure process could be different according to the type. If you have diabetes, then you can inform the nail salon expert so that master pedicures that are suitable for the patient should be provided.

Nail Art

Nail art is one of the most important parts of the nail salon services menu. A nail technician will give your nail a new artistic look by painting, decorating, and embellishing them. Most clients combine this service with Mani and Pedi. This is one of the most trending nail salon services now a days. Nail art offers endless possibilities of designs, and you can give a new look to your nail on each visit to the salon.


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