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Tips on Getting the Haircut You Want


Your hairstylist or Barber should see and touch your hair before picking up the scissors.

It is important for the stylist to see how your hair looks currently, how you style it now and to check out your hair’s growth patterns before she starts cutting.


Let your hairstylist know

A few adjectives could mean the difference between the best haircut of your life and a not so great haircut, so get specific about what you want—your stylist won’t mind if it takes you a few different tries to say exactly what you want.


Discuss past problems with your hair

Make a list of the problems you have had with past haircuts and any current styling problems. Also make your hairdresser aware of any hair color or chemical problems. This is an effective way of solving all your hair problems at once instead of something like asking for more layers because you need more volume or a darker color because your color is fading.


Bring in hairstyle pictures

Bring a few with you to your next hair salon appointment. Photographs are a terrific starting point, so clients can bring images that relate to the hair texture they want, colors they love, and shapes that inspire them.


But be prepared for some ideas that may not be possible

In reality, your ideal haircut and hairstyle might not work with the hair you were born with and a good hair stylist won’t try to do the impossible, which could result in a not so flattering hairdo. They will either tell you steps that can be taken to achieve that style or maybe why your hair type won’t work for the style. Looking at photos makes this process faster and easier for your hairdresser.


Be careful when you use the words short and shorter

What you think of as short may be very different from your hairdresser’s. To avoid having a fit about losing too much length, ask your stylist to show you exactly how short she’ll be cutting. Hairdressers want happy clients so make sure to ask how much will be cut off.


Make sure the discussion goes all the way around your head

Talk to your stylist about the back, sides, and front of your hair and ask for a guided tour. Be sure to be specific, short layers and long layers work well, but if you like your hair more layered in one place and longer in another, let your stylist know.


Let your stylist know your hair maintenance time

A client's hairstyle and lifestyle should go hand in hand. The amount of time a client wants to spend to maintain the haircut and style should be discussed, and the most appropriate look will then be created.


Find out if you have to use specific products to re-create your finished style

Part of the reason your hair looks so great when you leave the salon is because hairdressers use professional hair care products. Take the opportunity while you’re sitting in the chair to find out what they are using and what exactly you should use. Be specific for example: If you have curly hair, ask how often to shampoo and what products you should use for best results to keep from drying out your hair.


You are not an annoying client with all these questions

Clients need to be armed with as much information as possible. Then the stylist and client can be on the same wavelength.


A great men's or women's haircut and style will result right here in Fredericton!


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