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Hair Stylists Fredericton

Hairdressers & Hairstylists Fredericton

Fredericton's Premier Expert Hairstylists at Vibrant Salon & Spa

Vibrant Salon and Spa is not just about the hair - it's about the whole experience. Our amazing stylists have years of experience, and passion for what they do, and truly see hair as an art form. When you come in, you'll notice right away this isn't just a hair color or cut - you'll feel the magical touch of pros who live and breathe hair fashion. The word around Fredericton is that we're the top choice for a reason. Whether it's transforming someone's look or keeping longtime clients satisfied, our portfolio and reviews show we've got a talent for impressive cuts, colors and styles. But we don't just rely on technical skills - our philosophy is that hair art needs to accent each individual's unique features and personality. That's why we treat every client like family and take a customized, artistic approach to everything we do.

Personalized Consultations With Our Experienced Hairdressers

Every individual is unique, and at our hair salon, we believe in celebrating that uniqueness. Our personalized consultations are designed to delve deep into your hair aspirations. Our personal consultations are about more than just hair - we really aim to understand you. We want to know your dreams, your daily routine, what makes you feel like you. This lets us design a look that's not just trendy, but truly reflects who you are. Beyond the haircut or color, we also make sure you have the guidance you need to feel confident taking care of your hair at home. Our hope is that every time you look in the mirror, you'll be reminded how amazing you already are. Our hairdressing services include:

Hair Highlights 


Highlighting is an art, and our salon is its canvas. Whether you're seeking a transformative look or subtle accents, our range of highlighting services is tailored to meet your desires.

Full Head Hair Highlights  


Are you ready for change? This treatment covers your entire head with highlights for a totally new look. Our stylists take their time, carefully placing each foil to perfection.

Foil Highlights  


Create subtle or striking dimensionality with our foil techniques. We’ll blend colors that compliment your features for a head-turning effect that looks completely natural.

Soft Sunlight Babylights  


For the most delicate touch of warmth, babylights are unbeatable. Thin strands of highlight resemble the way real sunlight kisses hair. It’s the perfect choice for wanting to enhance without drastically changing your look.

Balayage and Ombre

Balayage has become the pinnacle of creative hair color. Using only their hands, our stylists gently blend subtle shades into smooth gradients that mimic the way the real sun would kiss your locks. The Ombre look also remains endlessly chic, fading gracefully from darker at the root to lighter at the ends - it's elegant yet effortless, just like a perfect sunset falling over hair. Both techniques allow us to craft personalized color panels uniquely flattering to your features, for results that are always enviously natural.


Advanced Hair Colour Services

From Grey Coverage that seamlessly blends away grays, to precise Color Retouch salon services that keep your hue vibrant, to a refreshing Color Refresh that revitalizes faded tones, we've got you covered. Our Bleach Retouch ensures your blonde remains brilliant, while our Hair Color Correction service is a testament to our expertise, skillfully correcting and transforming any hair color mishaps.

Visit us for Your Best Hairstyling Experience in Fredericton

Stepping into Vibrant is more than just a salon visit; it's a luxurious experience. Equipped with the latest tools and techniques, our skilled hairstylists ensure precision in every cut and color. Our salon ambiance exudes relaxation, making every visit a rejuvenating experience. And with our commitment to continuous training, you're always in the hands of experts who are at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques.

Why Choose Vibrant Salon for Your All Hair Needs 


Choosing Vibrant Salon is choosing excellence. Our dedicated team of hairdressers and hairstylists are not just skilled but also passionate about bringing your hair visions to life. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of hair trends, with a commitment to continuous learning. This ensures that we always bring the latest and best to our Fredericton clients.

Hair Care Tips from Our Expert Hairdressers 


Your journey doesn't stop after leaving our salon - we're here every step of the way. Our gifted stylists are always available to offer guidance as your hair continues to thrive. Whether it's tips for keeping colored hair vibrant or customized product suggestions for your exact hair needs, you've got support. We'll even share seasonal hacks so moisturization or strengthening fits each changing forecast. No matter what's ahead, we'll make sure your locks stay just as stunning as the first day we met. Your hair’s happiness remains our top priority.

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