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Hair Salons Fredericton

Balayage, Hair Colour,  Hair Foils  & Haircuts

Hair Salons in Fredericton, New Brunswick


A great haircut happens in a hair salon when the hairdresser and the client can really communicate. Your hairdresser will be able to direct you to a hair product that will meet your needs as well. After a great cut, isn't it nice when you have the tools and the know how to re-create the look yourself? We take the time to instruct you during your blow dry and discuss different styling options. A great hairdresser will take the time to get it right. 


We all want to be the best version of ourselves. Hair colour can provide just a subtle enhancement or a complete transformation. If you are looking for perfect gray coverage, natural highlights, or creative color, book a consultation or appointment consultation with one of our experienced hair stylist. Remember to let us know your hair's history. When did you last color it? Has it been bleached? Having pictures can also be helpful.


You can stop looking online for “hair salons near me”. Our hair salon is located in beautiful Fredericton, New Brunswick and we have spent years building a reputation in the local area. We can service both men and women, making us the perfect one stop shop for all the salon services you could ever need.


Hair Salons Fredericton
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