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Classic Vs Volume Lashes - A Comprehensive Comparison

For many women, lush lashes are desirable yet daily mascara alone leaves something to be desired. Eyelash extensions present an alluring alternative, delivering the celebrity look instantly and easily. However, discerning the best option from classic or volume styles poses challenges. This article provides a thorough side-by-side assessment to demystify the differences. With classics aiming for natural beauty and volumes striving for drama, nuanced understandings emerge. Key factors like application methods and maintenance needs are uncovered. Readers gain insight for objectively evaluating their eye traits and priorities to reach an informed choice aligned with individualized needs.

What Lash Extensions Are?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements that involve attaching synthetic eyelashes to your existing natural lashes. This is done using a medical-grade eyelash adhesive. The goal is to create fuller, thicker, and longer-looking lashes without mascara. Lash extensions save you time in the morning and provide the appearance of professionally done lashes all month long.

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are individually attached using a professional lash adhesive to each natural eyelash. This provides the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. Extensions are designed to last 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and lifestyle factors. During this time, your natural lashes will grow out together with the extensions still attached.

Why Women Love Them

There are many reasons women opt for lash extensions. They crave the instant glamour and wide awake look provided by full, fluttery lashes without daily mascara application. Busy professional women appreciate the time savings aspect, letting them skip a step in their morning routine. Those with thin or sparse natural lashes see great results in coverage and volume. Eyelash extensions can also make eyes appear larger and more defined. Some enjoy transforming their look frequently by choosing different lash styles.

Classic Lashes

Classic eyelash extensions aim for a subtle, natural look. To achieve this, the technician attaches a single synthetic lash one-to-one to each natural eyelash. Since this technique only add one extension to one natural lash, it works best for those with an abundant number of thick, strong natural lashes who want a makeup-like appearance. The additional extensions are usually between 8-12 millimeters long to produce an enhanced look while maintaining realism. The application takes 60-90 minutes on average.

Classic lash extensions look very natural as the lash line maintains its soft, gradual curve. The subtle fullness creates wide-eyed appeal without seeming overdone. Upkeep is easier since fewer extensions. However, the natural appearance means the volume impact is more mild. Results may disappoint those wanting a more dramatically transformed look and have fewer natural eyelashes.

Volume Lashes

Volume eyelash extensions create a strikingly dramatic lash transformation. Each fan contains 2-6 individual synthetic lashes that are crafted by hand beforehand. These fans are then attached densely one by one to each natural lash, building fulness. Typically the fans have a diameter between 0.03mm and 0.07mm, with larger fans utilizing a wider diameter.

The process of achieving volume lashes involves the technician meticulously creating and applying many thick, long-lash fans to individually. Fans are carefully positioned in vertical alignment very close together to resemble a lash's natural fanning. Given the density required, applying volume lashes is timely - most full sets take between 2 to 3 hours to complete. The end result is visibly bolder, more glamorous eyes through dense thickness and dramatic fullness.

However, the tight clusters can become uncomfortable if eyelids are rubbed. Extra care is needed during removal since the density makes it difficult to distinguish natural lashes. Upkeep and fills require more time and cost as individual lashes may fall prematurely.

Volume Vs. Classic Lashes

Thickness and Fullness

Classic lashes have a softer, more natural looking fullness achieved using fewer but slightly thicker individual extensions per lash. Volume lashes create an extremely dramatic lash fringe through closely stacking many thin, long extensions tightly per lash to resemble lush fanning clusters.

Application Time and Cost

  • Classic lashes take a maximum 90 minutes to apply since fewer extensions are used delicately. Volume applications take around 2-3 hours due to the density involved in carefully mounting many thin extensions.

  • Classic fills last 4 weeks on average and cost $100 initially while volume lashes may start at $150-200 due to higher technical skill and material needs.

  • A classic infill costs $41, while volume lashes are $72.

Look and Effect

Classic lashes enhance one’s natural lash line in a subtle definition while maintaining its curvature. Volume lashes completely transform one’s eyes through their intense fullness, straightening the lash line into a wider, taller fringe. Classics have a feathery, defined appearance whereas volumes have a show-stopping, wide-eyed effect.

Classic or Volume - Decision Criteria

Lifestyle and Look

Classics are perfect if you want nice lashes with less hassle - great for busy girls on the go. Volumes though are high maintenance, take more time. But they really amp up your look if you want all eyes on you!

Lash Situation

If you're blessed with nice natural lashes already, classics highlight them well. But if you're more sparse, volumes totally transform your face. They add so much fullness where you need it.

Maintenance Plan

Classics only need a touch-up like every 4 weeks which is convenient. But even though volumes require filling every 3 weeks, the glam results are worth it in our opinion.

Pro Tip:-

When it's time to take your lashes off, whether classic or volume, please go to a professional. Let the experts handle removal so you don't damage your real lashes.

Visit Lash Extensions Specialist in Fredericton

For those wanting to experience both classic and volume looks safely, Vibrant Salon and Spa is the premier destination. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, this spa houses a team of highly trained, certified lash artists. Using only premium extension fibers and hypoallergenic adhesives, these experts are adept at tailoring the perfect set based on your eye shape, lash type and preferences. From classic definitions to dramatic volumes, hybrid styles also combine both worlds beautifully. With skilled lash technicians, a relaxing spa environment and convenient scheduling, Vibrant Salon and Spa lets you unleash your eye potential in Fredericton with confidence.

In Summary

  • Both classic and volume lashes involve attaching synthetic lashes to natural lashes using medical-grade adhesive to provide salon-quality lashes without daily mascara.

  • Classic extensions attach one synthetic lash per natural lash for subtle definition and are good for those with abundant natural lashes. Volume extensions use dense fan formations of 2-6 lashes and are better for sparsely lashed individuals.

  • Classic lash set take 60-90 minutes to apply while volume fans take 2-3 hours due to their dense application technique.

  • Classics are low maintenance and suit busy lifestyles, while volumes require more frequent fills but create a glamorous transformation.

  • Vibrant Salon and Spa in Fredericton offers both classic and volume eyelash extensions applied skillfully by certified lash artists using premium materials.


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