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A Vibrant guide to Volume eyelash extensions

volume eyelash extensions fredericton

The desire to have beautiful eyes has reached new levels. In recent years, eyelash extensions, which are applied professionally on natural lashes with a semi-permanent glue, have gained popularity. There are mainly three styles of eyelash extensions available in the market. Volume lash extensions are the most popular form of eyelash extension. The volume lash set can be used to create a dense, dark look for clients and enables you to make a natural pair of eyelashes look full and lush. A Russian volume or 3D eyelash extension will definitely seduce those who want a very intense appearance. In this article, we will discuss everything about Russian volume eyelash extensions.


What are Volume eyelash extensions?

The purpose of volumizing lashes is to create thick, voluminous lashes. As opposed to the classic procedure of one extension per natural lash, the volume uses ultra-light lash "fans," typically three, four, five, or even six lashes at a time. These are lighter than the client's natural lashes and can be attached with one natural lash. In the world of eyelash extensions, volume lashing has revolutionized the industry. Within the past three years, we've evolved from .07mm to .10mm volume lashes to even lighter .03mm to .05mm, which now allows lash artists to create thicker fans, such as 4D to 14D, known as Mega Volume. We're reinventing what was once impossible: thicker and lighter lashes that can be worn by many without damaging the natural ones.


In other words, it refers to the art of picking up and fanning multiple lightweight extensions at the same time! It's true. You create a fan by picking up multiple lashes. Those fans can then be placed on a natural lash with multiple extensions. In the classic lash extension treatment, we were only able to add one extension per natural lash. But Over 200 lash extensions can be applied to each eye using volumizing lashes!


Volume extensions benefits

  • If you want a well-defined look with voluminous eyelashes, this beauty treatment is the perfect choice for you.

  • Also, these eyelash extensions can help those who wear mascara almost every day reduce their morning routine by making them look fresh from the bed right away.

  • Volume eyelash extensions, when combined with the proper care and nutrition products, are ideal for nourishing natural eyelashes and strengthening them, and enhancing their appearance.

  • In addition, the Russian volumizing technique can prevent panda eyes, which occurs in various scenarios, including wet weather, watery eyes, sweaty faces, pools, saunas, etc.



How long do Russian volume eyelashes last?

A good lash extension adhesive plays a considerable role here, of course. However, the shedding cycle of natural eyelashes, as well as the aftercare of clients, play a significant role. We all lose and regrow our natural lashes on a daily basis, whether we wear eyelash extensions or not. During natural lash loss, the client's lashes will be shed. Lash refills will be needed to apply new extensions to the new natural lashes. So getting your lashes filled every 2-3 weeks is recommended for long lasting results.


Cost of Volume Lashes

Full Set Volume Eyelash Extensions will cost you around $265. While regular refill costs can be anything between $110 to $132.  

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