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Incredible benefits of Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions fredericton

Are you looking for longer, fuller eyelashes? Throughout history, women have experimented with all types of beauty enhancement to create a wide-eyed, brilliant look. During the last couple of years, we've seen many new alternatives to plain mascara, including eyelash growing drugs and lash serums. Classic eyelash extensions may be the best option for you if you want gorgeous eyelashes without having to use daily serums or take any drugs. The hottest style for women is wearing long, thick lashes with spiky tips. Having eyelash extensions gives you complete control over your appearance. We will discuss the benefits and costs of classic lashes in this article.


Semi-permanent lash extensions

Due to their track record of safety and ability to provide a customized look, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are gaining popularity. Creating a unique look is easy for you. There are several options for shortening, curling, and lengthening eyelashes. It's even possible to customize the lash color. There are mainly three styles of lash extensions. In my previous articles, I already discussed volume lashes and hybrid eyelash extensions. But now it’s time to explore the more natural style that is classic eyelash extensions.


What are Classic lash extensions?

It is the original style of lash extension that is still popular with clients who prefer a more natural look but still wish to have noticeable lashes.

Lashes are lengthened, curled, and darkened with classic extensions. Using classic lashes can be a great addition to your everyday routine – there's a style and material for everybody, or you can even talk with the technicians about customizing classic lashes for you! Clients who are lacking length, curl, and darkness but have a full natural lash line can benefit from this technique. Natural and effortless, these lashes provide the perfect mascara look.


What to expect during lash extensions process

The process is simple, one extension is applied to one natural eyelash without ever touching the skin. Please ensure your lashes are free of makeup before going for the treatment. Because the application takes one to two hours, prepare to relax while lash pros work on your lashes.

There are also classic lashes that come in several different thicknesses, and some are longer than others, resulting in an incredibly customized look. Because classical lashes employ a 1:1 technique, they can appear very natural or somewhat thick, depending on your natural lashes. However, you can only apply extensions to your natural lashes, so those with fine or sparse lashes may be happier with the volume lashes.


Benefits of Classic Lashes

Here are some main benefits of Classic eyelash extensions treatment.

  • Increase Length

  • Offer Natural Looks

  • Looks like mascara has been freshly applied

  • Can get Curly appearance

  • Fully customizable

  • Your eye shape will be enhanced and complemented by these lashes

  • It makes morning routine easier

  • Cheap as compared to Hybrid or Volume lashes


How long do Classic extensions last?

A classic pair of lashes should last for five to seven weeks. But regular infill can make them last longer.


Classic lash extensions cost

It is generally estimated that a full set of classic eyelash extensions will cost around $150. Depending on the refill type, the cost of each refill can range between $41 and $76.

So do you want to give it a try? It will be an honor to welcome you to our spa in Fredericton and to provide the level of expert and sophisticated service that you truly deserve. Here at Vibrant salon and spa, we provide the best eyelash extensions treatment, which means that we can guarantee amazing results.


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