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Things you should know about Classic, Volume and Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid lash extensions Fredericton

If you are going to get eyelash extensions treatment for the first time, then the next, a lot of suggestions might overwhelm you, but don’t worry; we are going to describe each one so you can take an informed decision when picking your very first treatment. Let’s discuss in this article first what lash extensions are.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Lash extensions are artificial fibers that are attached to your own eyelashes in sequence to make it look as if those are all one unified strip of lashes.

This beauty treatment makes your eyelashes look more lush and voluminous. As the lashes frame the eyes, you tend to look younger and beautiful.

Lash extensions really look natural because of the fact that it is just attached to your own eyelashes, which means that it is your natural eye outline that is being followed.

It is just like applying mascara 24 hours a day. In ancient times, only the Nobel individuals in Africa were permitted to have long eyelashes.

However, in the 90’s era, they gradually became increasingly popular because of the models and stars that wore them. Today, females cannot live without their lush and long eyelashes.

There are 3 most popular eyelash extensions types we are going to discuss like Classic, Volume and Hybrid Lash Extensions.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

I like to think of classic lashes as more the mascara look that specific customers are asking and are an ideal starting idea for your first experience. These lashes are single extensions in a similar depth to your natural eyelashes that are placed onto each own lash that can support the extension. Your lash tech will use several sizes and curls to provide you the look you want and to uniform your eye and face shape. These usually are ‘topped’ up every 15 to 30 days according to your body interaction, aftercare routine and lifestyle. In this method, simply put it contains the application of one fake lash to one natural eyelash that has been isolated with tweezers and accurately attached. This method offers fuller, longer, but well-defined eyelashes. This is the perfect treatment for those who desire a natural-looking enhancement. Normally this treatment takes one and a half hours.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes also known by another name, “Russian Volume Lash Extensions.” This style of lashes has grown immensely in fame over the last one year as the expertise involved in developing false lashes has been advanced. Most reputable spa now offers Russian volume lash extensions to create the fluffy, big, voluminous eyelashes seen on celebs. A fan is shaped from two to six individual artificial lashes and attached to one isolated natural eyelash. Due to the number of lashes being attached, the specific thickness of every false lash tends to be lighter and thinner than that used for classic lashes extensions. These lashes are sometimes referred to as mink lashes because of their finer and soft look. In these lash extensions, less amount of glue is used, while the eyelashes are easy to wear and need fewer infill treatments as compared to other lash extensions. Their application can be modified to create a collection of the different volume looks to improve most eye outlines from a squirrel look to the cat look giving full-on volume. This is a premium lash extensions service due to the workmanship and time needed to make these, and the retention is much more than other extensions due to the expert wrapping of the fan or bouquet around the natural eyelash as opposed to just attaching on top.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Kardashian lashes, American Volume lashes are some other popular names of Mixed or Hybrid Lashes. This is a combination of classic eyelashes and Russian volume lashes using volume extension or premade. The result is a textured appearance and is an ideal choice if you are a classic lashes lover and just want that little bit extra from your lash extension treatment. Kardashian lashes are also a great choice for adapting sets into looks such as ‘Kim Kardashian’ inspired where extended lengths of classic lashes are deliberately attached and filled in between with the volume extensions to have a sharp textured look. Right now, hybrid lashes are the major buzz word in the lash extensions world. This procedure has been moved forward by creative eyelash technicians looking to familiarize the technique they work to better fulfill the desires of customers. Hybrid eyelash extensions signify the finest of both treatments with a more natural look achieved.


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