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Babe Hair Extensions are a first for the hair extension industry. It is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Babe Inc., a leading hair extension company, and one of the world's oldest and most prestigious raw human hair authorities. We use Babe 100% human hair for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone.

Equally important to our stylists is the attachment method. It requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals or messy removal which means no mess or damage to our valuable client's hair. Babe hair is available in 25 colours and can be curled, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned and coloured.

Since the cuticle is not stripped and is left in-tact, Babe's high quality REMY (cuticle correct) hair accomplishes the goal of helping men and women around the world gain the look they desire.

From adding highlights to volume to length, all looks and styles for all walks of life can be accomplished by using Babe hair extensions. Call today and talk to one of our hair care professionals at Vibrant Salon.

Lashforever Eyelash Extensions are one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in Canada. Lash extensions are the most desired eye enhancement in the beauty industry. Our semi permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering a natural mink individual eyelash to each natural eyelash using the finest medical grade A adhesive. Light, comfortable, natural and available in various curls, lengths and thicknesses, our eyelashes are made of the highest quality materials.

Lashforever individual eyelash extensions are semi permanent and can last up to 8-12 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle. To keep your lashes at their very best, we recommend infill maintenance every 4-6 weeks. With expert application by our trained technicians and by avoiding the use of oil-based eye products, these eyelash extensions behave just like natural lashes and achieve a thicker, fuller and more flattering look.

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