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Best Salon Treatments to Keep Your Hair Safe in Summer

Your hair undergoes a lot during the hot summer months in Fredericton. From the scorching sun to chlorinated pools, summer brings many joys but also poses several threats to your hair health. Thankfully, some salon treatments can help combat summer hair damage and keep your strands protected. Let's explore some of the best salon services that will help your hair stay silky smooth and damage-free all through the sunny season. In this article, we will discuss hair treatments like deep conditioning, scalp treatments and Olaplax treatments that can protect your locks from summer heat.

How summer affects your hair? 

Did you know that Fredericton's summer temperatures can reach up to 34°C in July? Such high heat combined with humidity can leave your hair dry, frizzy and damaged.  Here are some common hair issues during this season:

Dry hair and frizz  

The heat and humidity during summer can cause your hair to dry out easily. Without proper protection, you may notice split ends and increased frizziness. All that moisture in the air causes your hair cuticle to swell, leading to a puffy, unmanageable texture.

Scalp flakiness and irritation 

Sweating heavily in summer heats can clog your scalp pores. When this is combined with constant sun exposure, it may result in scaling and itchiness.


The powerful UV rays present in sunlight have the ability to lighten or "bleach" your hair color over time when unprotected. Regular dye jobs may end up fading faster with increased outdoor activity.

Protein structure breakdown

The sun's rays contain UV radiations that can degrade your hair's keratin protein levels. This leads to weakened, dry and brittle hair that are prone to breakage. Chlorine from swimming also strips away natural oils.

Swollen hair cuticle

Persistent heat and moisture cause the external cuticle layer of hair strand to expand and lift. This disrupts the hair's smooth cortex, resulting in frizz, flyaways and unruliness.

To safeguard your hair from summer stresses, seeking professional remedies like deep treatments, scalp hyderation and protective styles are highly recommended. 

Deep conditioning treatment

Your hair gets extremely dry in the summer due to heat, sun exposure and other environmental conditions. Deep conditioning is one of the best remedies. It intensely hydrates the hair shaft, repairing heat damage and strengthening hair. Regular deep conditioning is a must for your summer hair care regime. Some key benefits of deep conditioning for summer hair include:

  1. Conditioners are formulated to deeply penetrate each hair strand, delivering hydration to the cortex and cuticle layers. They work to combat dryness caused by factors like heat, sunlight and swimming. This intense hydration replenishes lost moisture for improved overall hair health.

  2. Conditioners contain restorative ingredients like proteins that help repair damage done to the cuticle from environmental stresses. They strengthen the hair shaft by reconstructing its internal structure. This makes hair more resilient against breakage from chlorine exposure, humidity fluctuations and heat styling tools.

  3. By deeply moisturizing the hair and smoothing down the cuticle scale, conditioners can significantly reduce frizzy and puffy hair. Well-hydrated strands are less prone to unwanted flyaways and remain smoother and more manageable.

  4. Professional conditioning treatments form a protective barrier on the hair shaft when applied. This barrier shields hair from the drying, coarsening effects of chlorinated water and ocean saltwater that can strip the natural oils.

  5. Hair treated with conditioning agents appears silkier and looks healthier as the cuticle lays flat. This shine results from hair returning to a state of optimum moisture thanks to the hydration and repair of hair fibers.

For maximum protection, schedule a monthly deep conditioning treatment throughout summer months. Ask your hairstylist for recommendations based on your hair needs.

Scalp treatment 

A healthy, balanced scalp is key to maintaining strong, resilient hair all through summer. But heat, UV exposure and excess sweating can irritate and damage the scalp. Thankfully, pro scalp treatments like our HydraFacial Keravive deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish to prevent issues. During a professional Keravive treatment your hairstylist will:-

  • Cleanse and Exfoliate: Remove built-up product residue to avoid clogged pores and flakiness.

  • Hydrate and Nourish: Soothe irritation and flaking with hydrating serums, allowing the scalp to better regulate oil production.

  • Stimulate and Circulate: Using massage techniques improves blood flow to follicles, supporting hair growth.

By targeting scalp health holistically, you reduce flakiness and dandruff that often worsens in summer. Hydrated follicles can better focus energy on strong, shiny hair even in humidity. Make scalp care a summer routine for your hair's well-being.

Hair trimming 

Regular trims are hair's best defense mechanism against damage. Getting your ends snipped every 6-8 weeks minimizes split ends and broken strands by removing the weakest sections before they climb up the hair shaft.

Whether it's heat styling or sun exposure causing split ends, periodic cuts maintain an even texture and fresh look. Without trims, summer takes a greater toll through breakage. Stay on top of your hair health with regular hair cut alongside deep conditioning and scalp treatments.

Olaplex treatment

If your hair feels dry, brittle and lacks its usual shine or softness during summer, an Olaplex bonding treatment could be just what it needs.  This intensive in-salon therapy identifies and repairs broken bonds in the hair structure through its patent-pending ingredients. Instead of simply masking damage, Olaplex puts the puzzle pieces back together at a molecular level. After 1-2 treatments, hair looks and feels dramatically revitalized, with reduced frizz and strengthened resilience to heat tools and UV damage going forward. Some key Olaplex benefits include:

  • Repair and Strengthen Hair Bonds: Reattach pieces broken by chlorine, sun exposure or heat tools.

  • Prevent and Reduce Breakage: Fortified strands stand up to physical stressors better.

  • Protect Against Color Fading: Bonds between cuticle and cortex maintain vibrant pigment longer.

  • Improve Moisture Retention: Healthier inner structure attracts and locks in hydration.

  • Reduce Frizz and Flyaways: Fewer severed points translating to sleek, shiny softness.

For maximum summer protection, maintain Olaplex as part of your routine with periodic salon treatments.

Other summer hair care tips 

While professional salon services are heroes for hair health, some daily maintenance complements their benefits:

  • Limit heat styling as much as possible and always use a heat protectant spray to form a barrier between tool and hair.

  • Look for hair products with UV filters that shield strands from sun damage.

  • Wear hats when outdoors to prevent direct sunlight exposure.

  • Rinse hair with cool fresh water after swimming to strip out chlorine buildup.

  • Moisturize daily or as suggested by your hairdresser with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to keep locks hydrated and frizz-free.

  • Shampoo and condition with sulfate-free formulas that cleanse gently without stripping natural oils.

Professional hair treatments alone won't suffice - consistency with these simple routines at home makes all the difference for beautiful, protected hair.

Choose the right salon and stylist for summer hair care in Fredericton 

When it comes to managing your hair health through the warmer months, the hair salon and stylist you choose matters greatly. An experienced pro who understands your hair type and goals will recommend treatments tailored accordingly. At Vibrant Salon and Spa in Fredericton, our experienced hairdressers are dedicated to your hair's well-being year-round. We offer complete hair care solution from simple hair cut to most advanced HydraFacial Kervive treatment to address different concerns like damage repair, moisture balance or frizz control. Book a consultation to discuss your hair needs, and your stylist will create a customized plan for healthy, manageable locks all season long.

To close 

Giving your hair extra care through the summer takes some proactive steps:

  • Deep condition monthly for intense hydration.

  • Exfoliate and nourish your scalp with HydraFacial keravive treatments.

  • Get regular trims to prevent breakage from split ends.

  • Repair and reinforce hair structure through bonding Olaplex treatments.

  • Adopt daily Sun protection and moisture-rich hair care routines at home.

  • Choose a trusted hairstylist to customize your hair treatment plan.

By making these professional salon services part of your summer regimen, you will keep your locks healthy, damage-free and looking gorgeous long after the sunny season ends.

FAQs about hair care in summer 

Can sun damaged hair be reversed? 

While severe damage may require a trim, treatments like deep conditioning, protein masks, and bond builders can help repair and restore hair health to some degree by reconditioning the hair cuticle layer and rebuilding protein levels. But be consistent for best results.

How to keep your hair cool in summer? 

Ways to keep hair cool include wearing a hat, using professional hair products recommended your hairdresser, avoiding heat styling tools, embracing natural texture through braids/buns, rinsing hair with cool water after activities, and sealing in moisture with a satin-finish leave-in conditioner that also provides UV protection. Visit your nearest hairstylist for the best methods based on your hair type and goals.

Why is my hair bad in the summer?

Several factors like heat, humidity, UV light exposure, and sea water activities can damage hair in the summer months. Making salon visits and daily hair care a priority using techniques like this article outlines is key to preventing summer hair woes. Consultation with a professional is also highly recommended.


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