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5 Main Causes of Dry Hair

Dry Hair Causes Fredericton

Knowing the signs of dry hair is only half the battle. Once you have identified that there is a problem, you must know the cause of that problem to treat it correctly. The causes of dryness are many and varied but knowing them, your arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to prevent the adverse effect.


1. Naturally Dry Hair

Just like there are individuals with naturally dry skin, there are also folks with naturally dry hair. If you have battled dry hair all of your life, the chances are that you have naturally dry hair. Knowing this is not only important in your daily regimen of hair care, but also when you decide what color and chemical services you want to subject your hair to. Naturally, dry hair does not exclude you from getting these services; rather, it means that you will need to modify your daily regimen to accommodate your dry hair. Although your hairstylist should identify your hair type during your consultation, be sure that they are aware of any problems you have had in the past or ask about what to expect if it is your first time.


2. Dehydration

During the summer, water intake is very important. Your body will naturally lose fluids daily from sweating and respiration. During the summer, this loss increases as your body compensate for the increase in temperature. Replacing these fluids is a necessary activity, and during the summer, you should increase your water intake. You might wonder what this has to do with your hair, but if you are not drinking enough water, your body will reserve what fluid you do have for essential processes of which lush, shiny, manageable hair is not a priority. So as your body becomes dehydrated, it will stop producing the natural oils from your scalp that keep hair moisture balanced and healthy to conserve the fluid resources for more essential body functions. In short, you must drink enough water for your body to be well hydrated so that it will continue to produce the natural oils that keep your hair healthy.


3. Over Washing 

Stripping due to over washing is caused by using harsh cleansing products, washing too frequently, or both. Using harsh products or washing too frequently will remove the moisture and essential oils from your hair. As your hair grows from the root, it contains enough moisture to keep it elastic and healthy. Essential oils produced by your scalp keep this moisture locked into the hair shaft so that it will continue to be elastic and healthy. By stripping these oils, you expose your hair to environmental moisture loss, especially during the hot summer days.

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4. Environmental Damage 

I already discussed in detail in my article about the types of hair damage, during the summer month’s environmental damage is a common cause of dry hair, especially here in Fredericton, where your hair is exposed to wind daily and high temperatures as well as summer fun activities that expose your hair to harsh water and sun. The salt, high temperature, and wind all work together to dry and damage your hair which is only exacerbated by sun damage and the harsh water found in the swimming pools. Although we are not suggesting that you try to shelter yourself or your hair from these environmental causes, or the pleasures of a summer spent near the beach, or avoid swimming. It is essential to be aware of these factors when managing dry hair because there are many ways to help prevent or reduce environmental damage.


5. Other Factors 

These include medication, mechanical damage, thermal damage, and chemical damage. In the case of medication that may cause dry hair, you should consult with your doctor to determine if this is the cause of your dry hair. However, this will not change your options for treating or managing dry hair. Mechanical, thermal, and chemical damage can contribute to or cause dry hair because the cuticle of the hair shaft protects the cortex from the external world. When this protective layer is damaged, the exposed cortex is no longer sheltered and is subject to the open environment. This damage can be mitigated by using protective and repair products and the proper use of styling tools and hair services. With chemical products, your stylist should be choosing to use products that will be the least damaging to your hair regardless of your hair type. This is especially true if you have naturally dry hair and should be something you consider in your decision to undergo color and chemical services when you consult with your stylist or your choice of the hair salon. Not all hair salons will be concerned with the health of your hair, so make sure to choose the best hair salon and never compromise on the quality to save some bucks.


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