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An Ultimate Guide about Olaplex Hair Treatment 2020

Olaplex hair treatment

If you are ever thinking about testing with an icy blonde or intense platinum hair colour but hesitate due to the risky chemical procedures and complete damage, it takes a look no more than a hair treatment, which is called Olaxplex. It could turn your dream into reality. Hair damage is expected, particularly if you are getting it coloured more frequently, but your spoiled hair may not be a total lost reason after all!

Olaplex is the most buzzed-about hair treatment to try in years since the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. It is usually a three-step hair treatment method that is acknowledged and dominantly influenced by scientific study that could be considered the perfect hair treatment for damaged hair.

What is Olaxplex Hair Treatment?

Olaplex is a turbo-charged conditioning treatment to reestablish the inner structure of the hair. Colouring, heat and other hair chemical treatments itemize the disulphate sulfur bonds causing different degrees of damage. The results are unbelievable and permit colour transformations while restoring the hair structure.

This treatment is a three step in-salon procedure that cures broken hair bonds that have become damaged from thermal, mechanical, and chemical change. The founder of the product Veteran Dean, who became a partner with two chemists, Eric Pressly and Doctor Craig Hawker to introduce the olaplex formulation.

They introduced anew molecule that enters inside the hair strands to strengthen and repair the hair where the inner hair structure has been broken. The treatment includes harmless chemical ingredients including sulfates, DEA, silicon, aldehydes, and phthalates and is under no circumstances tested on animals. And luckily, Olaplex treatment is suitable for all types of hair!

Is Olaxplex hair Treatment Suitable for you?

This treatment will recover all hair types, including heat damaged, straightened, permed, virgin hair, etc.

If you have curly hair, then it is suitable for you because it restructures, recovers, and rebuilds moisture retention for curly hair that has lost its curls. 

It is also the best fit for you if you have Virgin hair because Olaplex hair treatment helps to recover the damage and protects hair from future heat damage.

If you have straight hair, then try this because Olaplex hair treatment fortifies straight hair, making it shiny and manageable.

If you have Coloured hair, then no worry, Olaplex is still suitable for you because it can be mixed into hair lighteners and colours to save your hair during the coloring process.

How Olaplex Hair Treatment actually works?

This invention is resulting from a patented active ingredient which is called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate that works on the inside, claiming to strengthen the hair with each treatment, and repairing broken disulfide bonds in the hair. In other words, Olaplex treatment for hair is a bond multiplier that is used to improve broken hair bonds. It is developed to avoid any further hair damage, and breakage experienced throughout the process of hair coloring, along with to restore existing damaged hair.

Olaplex is perfect for individuals who often bleach and color their hair and also for those with total damaged hair that has become worn out and fried from continuous usage of hot tools like blow dryers or hair straighteners. Although there are not any official scientific trials published publicly as of now to verify its positive results, numerous positive feedbacks from its wonderful results come from stars like Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian, and many more.

We all know how much time we spend on the salon chair, if not all, the time we make an appointment. To be more proficient, Olaplex also developed a short treatment selection for beauty salons to offer; they developed this mini treatment for those people who do not want to spend extra more or less thirty minutes onto their hairstyling routine. It covers only the 2nd stage of the procedure that is necessary to be done by a hairstylist.

Olaplex, we can say a total game-changer treatment for hair colourists, for it can open up additional options for their customers to take further experiments with color. Olaplex is a best choice for everyone trying colour options such as highlights, balayage, or wanting to go lighter.

Olaplex Hair Treatment is not a DIY

If you are planning for DIY Olaplex hair treatment, then bad news for you, it is not possible to perform this treatment at home. Because there are a total of three steps involved in this treatment and two initial stages are intended to combine with the process of hair coloring that is only done by a skilled hairdresser. So it is highly recommended to find some reputable salon, with an online search term “Olaplex hair treatment near me” and book your appointment for a consultation or for the treatment. According to Olaplex recommendation, repeat the process once a week for ideal results.

Tips: It is recommended to use moisturizing, chemical-free hair shampoo, and conditioner to have enough moisture and overall strength.


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