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Why Regular Facials are good for Men

Men's regular facial Fredericton

We normally think that facial treatments are just for only women. This, however, is not true in the current Era. Although the majority of the customers in a salon and medical spa are no doubt females, more and more males are starting to visit the salon and spa nowadays. Facial treatment for men has become specifically popular among all ages of men (especially 25 to 45). These men get under a lot of stress due to business and daily routine life, but also always care about their health and physical appearance. Men’s Facials offer them the comfort they need with the beautiful and fresh look they want.

The beard facial for men is a full, exclusive spa service that fully restores and relaxes body and mind. In fact, during a facial treatment, they feel so comfortable that most men fall asleep.

Regular facials are an ideal technique to start feeling healthier, smoother skin that feels and looks perfect.

Here are some regular Facials Benefits for men

Regular Facial for Skin Issues

Men’s facial treatments have become so popular since they can treat several skin issues, including acne, blackheads, dry skin, and clogged pores. Facials treatments are mild, that means your skin will be free from all impurities, and there will be no damage to your skin during or after the treatment. Facials are the best skincare treatment for men that gives your skin the enhancement it needs to resolve various skin issues.

Men’s Facial Reduce negative testosterone effects

Because of higher testosterone levels, men’s skin produces more oil, so clogged pores can become a problem for them, causing blackheads and pimples on their face. Getting a facial treatment will ensure that your skin is completely exfoliated and cleansed, and it will help to eliminate impurities at a much deeper level, which is impossible in your normal daily skincare routine.

Helpful for Comfortable Shaving

Shaving often leads to irritation and noticeable bumps if you have sensitive or dry skin. The deep cleansing and exfoliation that are important parts of a regular facial will help you to get smoother and cleaner skin that will make your shaving routine much easier. If your skin is sensitive and shaving already damaged it, a facial will help to restore your skin.

Resolve beard problems

Men with Beard can also enjoy the beard facial treatment. This 30 to 45 minutes spa treatment involved special beard wash, oils and steam that exfoliates the skin and softens facial hair. according to Swiss-based clinical research, they found a significantly higher bacterial level in specimens taken from the men’s beard. So it is highly recommended to have a beard facial once a week for a clean and bacteria-free beautiful beard. This skincare treatment is also useful to get rid of beard dandruff. So it is equally important for both type of men either they grow beard or like to shave.

Regular Facial a Way to Relax

Don’t you have any facial treatment experience, no problem, during your first session you will realize how relaxing it is. Getting a Spa appointment for facials on a regular basis (at least once in a month is recommended this skincare treatment to men) gives you the chance to take some time out for yourself from your busy life, both mentally and physically you will feel relaxed, and of course, you will have healthy and beautiful skin at the end. This spa treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes and only need once or twice a month for them to be helpful. It is important to give your mind, body, and skin, some care and extra attention.

Improve Blood Circulation

Better blood flow and circulation are very helpful for your skin health. As we age, our blood flow is certainly affected; as a result, our skin looks tired and dull. The massages that are an important part of regular facials will increase the blood circulation in your skin and lead oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin cells.

Professional Advice during skin evaluation

If you want to have improved skin, you should make some changes to the self-skincare regime. It is not always easy to know what skincare products you should be using, but this is where your Esthetician can guide you in a better way. Before a facial treatment, your skin will be evaluated, so in this way, you can ask for expert advice and recommendation according to your skin type and condition.

So what are you now waiting for? If you are a man with beard or you love a clean shave, book your spa appointment and give a try to this special skincare treatment.


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