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Deeply cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants,

peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

$199 - 1 Treatment ** Intro Price $149 **

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These invigorating treatments include all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial while addressing

specific skin concerns through HydraFacial’s boosters choices and protocols. 


Add CTGF™ to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, and elasticity.

$295 - 1 Treatment ** Intro Price $245 **


Add a DermaBuilder™ boost to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

$250 - 1 Treatment ** Intro Price $200 **


Add a Britenol® Boost to minimize the appearance of dark spots.

$250 - 1 Treatment ** Intro Price $200 **


Extended Extractions and add Blue LED Light Therapy
to remove congestion.

$250 - 1 Treatment ** Intro Price $200 **

NassifMD® Hydraglucan™

Intense Hydration Booster for HydraFacial Dr. Nassif’s booster treatment exfoliates the

skin by improving cell renewal and delivers a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, glucan and

betaine to hydrate the skin. Natural humectants work to increase and maintain hydration 

in the skin to address the sign of aging and restore a smoother, youthful appearance.

$295 - 1 Treatment


The ultimate HydraFacial experience!

Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. 

Follow with the Signature HydraFacial to deeply cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. 

Address specific skin concerns with a booster of your choice.
This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.

$325 - 1 Treatment ** Intro Price $275 **


Healthy Hair Start with A Healthy Scalp: 

HydraFacial Keravive is a unique, relaxing treatment designed to cleanse, stimulate, nourish, and hydrate the scalp for fuller and healthier-looking hair.
Poor scalp health can be characterized by:
- Dry skin
- Clogged hair follicles
- Dead skin cells
- Overall lack of circulation
And can be a major contributor to damaged and thinning hair and inhibit the growth of healthy hair.
HydraFacial Keravive is a 3-step treatment:
- Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the scalp and hair follicles
- Stimulate scalp circulation and nourish scalp and hair follicles with growth factors and skin proteins
- Deliver daily scalp and hair follicle nourishment and stimulation
The result? Thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair!

$1950 - 3 Treatment Package ** Intro Price $1500 **

$150  -   1 Scalp Cleansing Treatment


HydraFacial Perk is the perfect complement to all HydraFacial treatments. With HydraFacial Perk we can target the untapped eye and lip areas and merge an in-office exfoliation service with 30-day take-home product so you can extend your treatment results. 

HydraFacial Perk uses patented roller-flex technology to:
- Loosen dirt, oil and dead skin cells
- Gently cleanse and hydrate the delicate eye and lip areas
- Deliver antioxidants and nutrients
- Lightly plump lips
- Brighten and refresh eyes

$50 - 1  PERK Eye or Lip Treatment added to Hydrafacial Service

$70 - 1  PERK Eye Treatment

$60 - 1 PERK Lip Treatment

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