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What are Ombre brows – A Vibrant Guide

Ombre brows Fredericton

Increasingly popular semi-permanent brow treatments are a reflection of our obsession with eyebrows. Microblading is a relatively well-known permanent makeup technique, but did you know there are some others as well, each designed to achieve a different result? The ombre eyebrow treatment has recently been making headlines on Instagram. This treatment is also popular by some other names like powder brows and ombre powder brows. In this article, you will find the detail about what actually ombre brow treatment is.


Ombre Brows

This treatment uses a more solid coloring technique, as opposed to microblading, which utilizes individual strokes. Ombre brows are a semi-permanent way of shaping the eyebrows to fill sparse areas, enhance their shape, and create gradient effects. For those who prefer more definite brows, this beauty treatment is an excellent option. Many younger clients prefer powder eyebrows because they have a more dramatic look to them.

In Ombre powder brows, small dots of pigment are placed over other pigments to give a soft powder effect. In comparison with microblading or microshading, it can last longer, usually between three to five years. The method is recommended for those who have mature or oily skin.


Ombre brows vs Microblading?

In terms of their appearance, they are very similar but differ in the procedure and how pigment is applied. If you want to read a complete comparison, you can check my article powder brows or microblading for more detail.


Ombre eyebrows aftercare

Ombre brows don't require you to wake up early every morning to shape your eyebrows; however, they are unlikely to look perfect right away. The healing process typically takes seven to fourteen days. You should avoid getting your eyebrows wet for at least first seven days - even when you take a shower or wash your face. You should also limit your time spent exercising, wearing makeup, and spending time in the sun! During the healing stages of ombré brows, you should apply an ointment daily to aid the healing process.  


How long do ombre brows last?

The good news is that ombré eyebrows actually tend to last a pretty long time. They last for about three to five years. But you have to visit your medical spa for regular touchups.


Ombre eyebrows cost

Starting at $500, this service includes your initial touchup appointment 6-8 weeks after your first appointment.


Is this treatment hurts?

The experience would be similar to having a tattoo. But most clients feel comfortable during and after the treatment.


Appointment Duration

It takes nearly two and a half hours for your first appointment, and touchups typically take between one and two hours.

The convenience of semi-permanent eyebrows eliminates the need to fill them in every day. A skilled artist can make a flawless style out of ombré brows if you want natural, fuller brows.


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