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Transform your look with colored hair extensions

Coloured hair extensions fredericton

Fashion is all about glamour and style. Thus, everyone wants to bring a dynamic change in their personalities by making the best of their hairstyles. So, if you want to fix a quick and easy new look every day, then you should introduce colored hair extensions into your life. The most common colors that are popular among females are blonde, brown, black, and Ombre hair extensions. They add volume, thickness, and length to your hair without damaging it.


Choose colored extensions carefully.

One can choose from straight or wavy hair extensions, which are either pre-tipped or grafted with your actual hair. First, you need to decide whether you want to have striking bright colored hair extensions or subtle ones that bring out your natural color. Pre-tipped and weaved colored hair extensions don’t really differ much in price. However, many hair extension salons tend to mark-up the prices of bright-colored hair extensions because these are not produced in large volumes as compared to dark-colored extensions. You can also discuss with your hairstylist to make the right decision.


Cost of colored hair extensions

Bear in mind that the cost of having colored-hair extensions will always depend on you, on how much length or volume you want to add to your hair. Each piece of hair extension would usually cost $7 to $14, depending on the type of hair used in the extension (if it’s human or synthetic) and also on the size of the extension. Partial hair extension coverage usually uses 40-100 hair extension pieces, while full coverage is at 125-200 hair extension pieces.


Lowlights or highlights extensions

If you are looking for lowlights, you should pick those colored hair extensions that are near your original hair color. Lowlights extensions enhance your natural hair color and give them a healthier and more appealing look. If you are already wearing highlights, you can choose those shades and colors of low-light hair extensions that are complementary to your highlights to balance the effect and make it look graceful.


For Black or Brown Hair

For those who have black and naturally brown hair, burgundy, maroon, deep red, or auburn hair extensions are best when it comes to lowlights. While for women with naturally blonde hair, it is advisable to go for caramel and honey-colored hair extensions. Colored hair extensions are convenient and reasonably priced.


Rich Colored hair Extensions

If you are looking for a sassy look instead of a subtle and mature look, then go for vibrant, bold, hot, or rich colors like blue, pink, purple, or blonde. This would revolutionize your whole image as a person. Try colored hair extensions sometimes to get out of your monotonous, boring routine hairstyle.


Wig vs. colored hair extensions

If you need just a few highlights or lowlights, a few strands of colored hair extensions are enough. But if you want to go for all-colored hair, a lot of colored hair strands will be required. One might think that a colored wig can be a cheap alternative, so why go for colored hair extensions? Well, no matter how good a wig might be, it can never give the most amazing natural looking that you are looking for. Colored hair extensions are available in both synthetic and natural human hair extensions, which definitely look more real than wigs. Natural human hair colored extensions are easy to take care of, color, and stylize as compared to synthetic ones. People who are disinclined to synthetic and unnatural stuff should not go for synthetic colored hair extensions; rather, they should go for a hundred percent real human colored hair extensions to look lively and natural with all the grace and poise of a celebrity.

Bright-colored hair extensions may not be easily available as they are made in smaller numbers than dark-colored hair extensions. But whatever shade of color the extension has, it can be made straight, weaved, or pre-tipped.


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