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Human or Synthetic hair extensions which one is best?

Human or synthetic hair extensions which one is best

When it comes to hair extensions according to the type of hair, there are only two options, natural human hair and synthetic hair extensions. Both extensions come with different advantages and disadvantages. So in this article, we will compare both types of hair extensions so that you can choose the best according to your requirement.


Why hair Extension?

Wearing hair extensions is becoming a fashion nowadays. More and more people want to have long hair. Hair extension, also called artificial hair integration, adds commercial hair to your own hair. Different people use hair extensions for various purposes. Most of them want to add length, volume and style by attaching hair extensions. Others use it to cover thinning areas of their head. But fashion is primarily the reason why hair extension is getting popular these days. Even coloured hair extensions (light, dark and bold) are also available in the market, so you have more options.


Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are made from two different materials; a variety of synthetic fibers and human hair. So there are two main types of it, synthetic hair and human hair extension. When you have decided to use hair extensions, you need to know which type suits you. These different types have their own different Pros and cons. It is wise to go through the two types, understand their differences and then decide which one is the most suitable for you.


Synthetic hair extension

We will go through first with the hair extension that is made from synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair extensions are made from either Kanekalon or Toyokalon fibers. It could also be made from nylon material, polyester, kankalon or mod-acrylic. From the name itself, this is human-made hair extensions with artificial material. Before choosing to use this type of extension, identify first its advantages and, more importantly, the disadvantages not to regret the moment you decide to have synthetic hair extensions.


Cost of Synthetic hair extension

Affordability is the main advantage of this type of hair extension. It is readily available, and it cost far less than the other type of hair extension. The price for synthetic hair can vary from $15 to $25 depending on the length, style and thickness.


How long synthetic extensions last?

The lifespan of synthetic hair extensions varies depending on the quality of the extensions and how often they are worn. Generally, synthetic hair extensions last for 2-3 months if worn regularly.


Weather effects

Aside from its cost, the fact that it is not a natural human hair does not react to changes in weather conditions. It does not frizz or droop or wave in rain or high humid weather.


Limited Styling Option

Since it is made from synthetic fibers, it cannot withstand high temperatures; therefore, styling with a straightening or curling iron is not a good option as it will dry the hair. It is also not a good option to dye the hair or wash it so often. Compared with human hair extensions, less styling can be done with a synthetic extension.


Human hair extension

Human hair extension also comes with a number of advantage and disadvantage. Before opting for this type of hair extension, you must evaluate first whether this is the right one for you. Who knows, after you have compared the two maybe you will realize that the other type is more suitable for you.


More Styling Option

Unlike the other type, human hair extensions can be styled, dyed, blow-dried, curled and straightened just like your real hair. You can also shampoo and condition it just like you do your own hair.


Offer Natural Look

Aside from that, this type of hair extension looks more like your own hair giving you a natural look and feel. This type can last longer than the other type and can be treated to change the style and color occasionally.



The major disadvantage of this type of extension is the cost. It is more expensive than synthetic hair extension. The price can vary from $60 to $600 depending on the length and the thickness. The hair extension salon charge for attaching this type of extension a little higher as compared to the other type because of styling etc.


How long human hair extensions last?

Human hair extensions can last anywhere from one to two years even longer, only if they are properly installed by professional from best hair salon. It also depends on how well they are taken care of. It is important to keep them moisturized and free of tangles, and to avoid exposing them to excessive heat or chemicals.


The decision on which type to use would greatly depend on. However, your stylist’s opinion can really help you in deciding on which hair extension to use, given your stylist’s knowledge and experience with hair extension. The price is not usually the leading factor; it’s the quality, durability and other factors (styling, colouring and maintenance) that matters more.


If you are from Fredericton and looking for a hair extension specialist, then book your appointment with Vibrant Salon & Spa and consult with our experienced hairstylist to choose the best extension for your hair.


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