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How to maintain your hair extension A Pro Guide

Hair Extensions Maintenance Fredericton

know how to care for your hair extension properly, it will stay and look good on you for the longest time possible. Just like our natural hair that needs proper hair care, hair extensions also need to be maintained. This article will discuss simple ways to care for your hair extension and the products you need to buy to maintain it.

Hair extensions nowadays are getting more and more popular, not only to celebrities and fashion lovers. Who would not want to have beautiful and stylish long hair instantly? Short hair would no longer be a problem. With the use of hair extensions, you don’t have to wait too long for your hair to grow since you can have the long hair you want in a couple of hours! You never even have to worry about your hair being so fine and thin; hair extensions can solve that problem too.


Hair extension maintenance

Getting hair extensions can cost you a generous amount of money depending on the type of extension you have, the length, and the thickness as well. Since you have invested money in your hair, you have to care for it regardless of how much or how less you got your extensions. Your extensions can be with you for a short period or longer, depending on how you care for them. Like your natural hair, your extensions need to be taken care of to maintain their beauty and prolong life.

It wouldn’t cost you so much to maintain and take care of your hair extensions. You have to follow your stylist’s advice and always remember the do and don’t with your extensions.


Brushing your hair

Always remember to brush your hair about 2-3 times a day. You also have to do this before you take a bath or go to bed. It is important to remove tangles before wetting your hair. Wet tangles create knots that can be hard to remove, and removing those means stretching your hair, damaging your natural hair and extensions. Before going to bed, brush your hair or remove tangles and braid it loosely to minimize creating tangles as you move around the bed while sleeping. Always use a professional quality brush.


Washing hair with Extension

Wash your hair every 2-3 days, depending on the need. Do not wash your hair in an upside-down manner because this will create tangles. Shampoo the roots to remove oils and dirt and condition the ends to keep them moisturized. Shampoos and conditioners specially made for hair extensions are also available online or in drug stores. You should also discuss with your stylist that which shampoo and conditioner will suit your extension and natural hair.


Styling hair with extension

When you are using a synthetic hair extension, styling is limited because this type of extension cannot tolerate heat and can be easily damaged. When you are wearing human hair extensions, you can style it pretty much like you do your hair. However, if you need to style or dye your hair, you have to go to your salon to be safe.


Regular Trimming

Trimming your hair every 6 to 10 weeks will get rid of the inevitable split ends. Letting your stylist do the job is a wise move for surely safe styling and trimming. Going to a salon for these services will not cost you too much, and this is already a part of your normal hair care routine.


Hair Care Products

You can also use products to protect your hair from heat and maintain its soft and shiny look. Heat protector sprays or other hair care products are easily available online. To maintain the shiny look, you can buy serum or vitamin sprays after consulting with your stylist.

Maintaining your hair extensions is not at all expensive. You need extra time and effort to care for your hair and maintain its health and beauty. Proper care of hair extensions will let you enjoy your money’s worth!


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