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How to Maintain Manicure Between Salon Visits?

It's no secret that maintaining your manicure at home between salon visits is key to keeping your nails looking their best. With the right care and products, you can enjoy salon-quality nails without breaking the bank on frequent appointments. In this guide, we will share our top tips for moisturizing nails, preventing chips and breaks, and knowing when it's truly time to see your nail technician again. Let's get started!

Moisturize regularly 

Keeping your nails, cuticles and hands moisturized is one of the best things you can do for your manicure between salon visits. Apply a cream or oil a couple of times per day, paying extra attention to your cuticles. A few quick swipes of cuticle oil as part of your daily routine will have your nails looking salon-fresh for longer.

Wear gloves while doing chores

You work hard to keep your nails looking polished, so save them from harsh chemicals when tackling household chores. Pull on a pair of disposable gloves for jobs like washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms or doing yardwork. This creates a protective barrier so soaps and sprays don't directly strip your nail color or dry out cuticles over time. 

Extra tedious tasks like giving baseboards a good scrub may still require a touch-up manicure sooner rather than later - keep some topcoat handy for refreshes between salon visits.

Your nails are not tools

It's tempting to use long nails to help open stiff jars or poke at stubborn thingamajigs, but resist the urge! Prying or prodding with your nails puts unwanted stress on the delicate nail plate which can lead to snags, breaks or lifting of the polish.

Keep clippers, a bottle opener or other tools within reach instead so you're not compromising your manicure. Enjoy the look without risking damage by keeping your well-groomed nails just that - nails, not makeshift utensils.

Trim and file regularly

To maintain an evenly shaped nail surface and prevent splitting or peeling, trim your nails every 7-10 days using nail clippers. For a smooth edge, follow with a gentle buffing motion using an emery board or glass file. Check for rough spots and file as needed. This removes split ends before they catch on fabrics or snag, extending the polished look between salon visits. Every now and then you may prefer the precision of a pro - don't be afraid to book an appointment just for a shaping if DIY efforts aren't cutting it (pun intended!).

Don't pick or peel

When wear and tear start to show with your polish job, resists the urge to try patching it up yourself in an uncontrolled way. Picking or peeling layers can worsen the issue by damaging surrounding polish or natural nail, and irritating skin. Allow chips to lift naturally or schedule a no-fuss fill with your nail tech when it's in need of a refresh. Taking the patient path to polishing preserves your mani much better than a rushed or forceful DIY "fix".

Use nail strengthener

If you have brittle nails that break or peel easily, consider a nail strengthener. Apply it a a couple of times a week or as recommended by your nail tech, massaging a small amount into the nail plate and cuticle area. Formulas with calcium, biotin and nutrients can slowly improve flexibility and durability over time with regular use. Chat with your nail tech for product recommendations suitable for your individual nail type and concerns. 

Signs it's time for a salon visit

Between your manicure sessions, monitor your nail health and how long your polish is holding up. Any significant chipping along the free edge, peeling on more than a few nails or lifting/halos around the cuticles are signs it's time to visit your favorite nail salon in Fredericton for a touch-up. Timely refreshes are key to keeping nails looking polished and preventing damage from neglected polish jobs. Let your talented nail tech tidy things up and reapply your favorite color to enjoy a couple of weeks of salon results at home.

Time for a manicure visit at Vibrant Salon and Spa in Fredericton

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Here are five tips to remember for maintaining your manicure between nail salon visits:

  1. Keep cuticles and nails moisturized daily with lotion or oil

  2. Wear gloves for cleaning or wet work to protect polish

  3. Trim nails straight across each week and file as needed

  4. See your nail tech if polish is lifting, peeling or nails look damaged

  5. Have a manicure every 2-3 weeks to maintain healthy, beautiful nails

FAQs for salon manicure services

How long is a manicure supposed to last? 

For a regular manicure with a traditional nail polish alone, you can expect your color to last 5-7 days with proper care. Shellac or gel manicures typically last up to 2-3 weeks before touch-ups.

Should I take a break from getting my nails done?

If your natural nails are generally in good condition, there's no need to pause regular manicures. However, nails prone to damage, thinning or excessive breakage may benefit from limiting polish for a couple of months. Have your nail tech apply a strong conditioning treatment instead to aid recovery before resuming your usual maintenance schedule. Stronger, more flexible natural nails lead to longer-lasting finished results.

Is a professional mani/pedi better than DIY?

When it comes to results and nail health, professional services definitely give you the best outcome. Skilled techs have expert knowledge to shape nails properly, expertly apply polish in clean conditions and massage away tension during Mani Pedi services. They also have better products to extend your look without risking chemical damage as a DIY newbie. 


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