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How often should I get a pedicure during summer?

Summer is finally here in Fredericton and that means its time to break out those sandals! With warmer weather and open-toed shoes, taking good care of your feet is especially important. But how often should you pamper your piggies with a pedicure? Lets explore some factors to consider so you can decide what’s right for your busy summer schedule and foot care needs.

Why pedicures matter during the summer

Summer heat and frequent exposed feet can dry your tootsies out quickly. You likely want your feet looking relaxed and soft rather than cracked and rough. Pedicures provide deep exfoliation and moisturization to leave your feet feeling silky smooth and pampered. They also allow nail technicians to fix polish chips or apply a fresh coat for that put-together look, whether you go with a classic nude or bright summery color. Regular upkeep during hot helps your feet and toenails look summer-ready whenever you reach for your sandals!

Key factors to weigh when determining frequency

Lifestyle and activity level 

If your typical day involves lots of walking, sports, or you love wearing sandals each morning, you may expose your feet to extra sweat and grime buildup that could lead to issues like athletes foot or dry, cracked heels faster. Opting for a pedicure every 3 weeks during the spring and summer months would help keep your feet fresh and healthy despite your active routine.

Polish wear 

If you notice your polish just does not seem to last long before it starts chipping, getting pedicures every 2 weeks depending on your wear-and-tear could help you maintain that polished look without having to constantly redo your nails at home.

Gel pedicures tend to last substantially longer at around 3 weeks generally, so spacing those out further is reasonable. Pay attention to how quickly yours stops looking its best as a guide.

Foot condition

We notice some clients feet just happen to be drier or more prone to thick calluses building up rapidly. If you also notice your heels becoming rough or uneven-textured between regular monthly visits, opting for bi-weekly pedicures during warmer months helps a technician stay on top of any problem areas. This thorough yet regular maintenance is important for preventing uncomfortable cracks or flakes developing as the weather heats up.

Optimal frequency for pedicures

  • The general recommendation is to get a pedicure once per month during sandal season. This allows for nail growth and exfoliation to prevent skin issues, while keeping your feet polished and ready for sandals. Remember that every 4 weeks is a guideline, so listen to your feet and adjust as needed.

  • As discussed earlier, several factors can influence your optimal pedicure frequency. More active lifestyles or drier feet may require visits every 2 weeks to prevent issues. Faster polish chipping also means more frequent touch-ups.

Consider your individual needs like nail growth, foot conditions, and polish wear to determine the best schedule for foot health and appearance. Don't feel bound to a rigid schedule.

Benefits of regular pedicures in summer

Preventing common foot issues

Regular visits to some of the best nail salons help technicians identify early signs of issues like athlete foot, corn development, or cracked heels starting. They can properly trim your toenails to avoid painful ingrown from loose or sharp edges catching in shoes. Deep cleans remove excess dead skin and dirt that could otherwise harbor bacteria and lead to infections. Consistent care is your foot best defense against summer discomforts!

Aesthetic benefits

Lets be honest - part of the joy of pedicures is having beautiful feet you are proud to show off while the weather is warm! Regular visits ensure nails stay neatly filed, polish remains vibrant without chips, and any calluses or roughness are buffed away. Arriving at your destination with soft, refreshed feet gives you confidence no matter where sandals may take you. Your feet deserve to feel and look their best every summer day!

Boosting foot health and comfort

The consistent exfoliation sloughs away old layers of dry skin to reveal baby-soft texture underneath. Deep conditioning products intensely hydrate for long-lasting comfort. Considering many summer activities involve bare feet, arriving at your destination on pre-pampered piggies will have you feeling light and carefree versus if they were cracked or rough. Prioritizing comfort is half the battle of enjoying everything summer has to offer worry-free!

Signs you might need a pedicure sooner than planned

  • Rough, peeling patches indicate its time for a skin-buffing treatment. Catching it early prevents pain and discomfort as cracks worsen.

  • Thick, dark or jagged toenails need professional tending along with any cuticles grown over the edges.

  • Chipped polish, visible calluses or discolored nails make toes appear less than summer-ready at moments notice. Schedule a refresh!

Listen to subtle signs - your feet will thank you for action before issues become serious impediments to comfort and confidence. Regular maintenance is key for the season of open-toed everything!

Visit the best nail salon in Fredericton for pedicure services

For professional foot pampering right in your community, pay a visit to Vibrant Salon and Spa. As one of the best nail salons in Fredericton, our skilled technicians are experts in pedicure and manicure services tailor-made for your individual needs.

From basic nail trims and polishes to deluxe treatments including parrafin wax pedicure, every foot receives proper care. Our pedicurists ensure a relaxing experience from start to finish, leaving you feeling revived and ready to take on summer in comfortable bliss!


  • Factor in your personal activity level and foot conditions to determine the right pedicure frequency for balanced health and appearance

  • Generally speaking, most healthy feet do well with pedicures once a monthly during warmer months

  • Consistent foot care prevents issues while maintaining a smooth, polished look for sandal season enjoyment

  • Listen to subtle signs your feet send and dont hesitate to schedule sooner if needed

FAQ's about summer pedicures

Is it good to get professional pedicures regularly?

Yes! experienced nail technicians can properly trim nails, deeply cleanse and exfoliate feet, and address any problem areas. Regular visits help promote overall foot health and comfort, especially in the summer.

How much does a pedicure cost?

Pedicures at our salon range from $54-$71 depending on the services included.

How long do pedicures take?

Most pedicures take 30 minutes while more involved treatments involving multiple add-ons or extended massage time often last 45+ minutes. Communication with your nail tech is key to ensure you both have realistic expectations.


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