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How Long Does Eyebrow Tint Last?

You've probably noticed your friends and celebrities on Instagram sporting darker, fuller brows lately and wondered how they achieve that look. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent way to enhance brows without makeup or annoying pencil strokes every morning. But you may be wondering, how long does eyebrow tint last really? In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about brow tinting and how to make your tint last as long as possible.

What is Eyebrow Tinting? 

Eyebrow tinting is a cosmetic technique where a semi-permanent dye is applied to your natural eyebrow hair to add color, depth, and definition. It helps your brows look fuller and more even without any effort on your part. The dye works by being absorbed into the hair shaft, resulting in softer, more naturally colored brows that gradually fade over time. Vibrant Salon also offers lash tinting to match your tinted brows.

Why People Choose to Tint 

Many clients choose to tint their eyebrows to achieve a fuller, well-groomed brow shape with minimum fuss. Tinted brows last for weeks as your natural brow hair are softly stained, saving you the daily chore of penciling or filling them in. 

Eyebrow tinting provides a more natural look compared to pencil or powder and helps draw attention to your eyes. It's perfect for people with sparse brows, busy careers, and minimal time for daily makeup routines. Tinted brows also help disguise any gray hairs as you get older.

Spa Based Process

Most Fredericton spas use vegetable-based dyes for eyebrow tinting that are gentle and contain ingredients like eucalyptus oil. They come in shades ranging from light brown to dark brown depending on your natural hair color. Your brow technician will first thoroughly cleanse and prepare your brows. A patch test is done beforehand to check for any allergic reaction to the dye. Next, a Vaseline-like barrier is applied around the brow area to prevent skin staining. The semi-permanent dye is then painted onto your brows using a small mascara wand-like tool. Once done processing, the dye is removed and brows are cleaned. You're free to go, with tinted brows that will last 3-6 weeks!

What Affects Brow Tint Duration 

While professional brow tinting is designed to last 3-6 weeks, certain factors can cause the tint to fade faster or last longer. Understanding these will help you make the most of your tinting appointments and enjoy well-defined brows for weeks.

Dye Type

The type of dye used matters. As said earlier, most spas in Fredericton use vegetable-based dyes for their gentler formula, and their lifespan is typically 2-4 weeks. However, synthetic dyes tend to last 4-6 weeks but may be harsher on your skin. Ask your brow expert which dye they recommend based on your individual needs. Opting for a semi-permanent formula over a rinse-out hair color ensures your tint gradually fades gracefully.

Skin Type

If you have oily skin, the oil can break down the dye more quickly, leading to faster fading after 2 weeks. Dry skin, on the other hand, tends to hold onto dye better, so your tint may last 3-5 weeks. Make sure to moisturize your skin well if it's on the dry side to prevent peeling and preserve your color longer.

Eyebrow Hair Type

Coarse, thick eyebrow hair tends to absorb the dye more readily and hold onto it longer than fine, sparse hair which may only keep color for 2-3 weeks. Henna dyes, which deposit pigment onto the skin, also stay vibrant on finer hair for 4-6 weeks. Ask your brow expert which dye formulation is best suited for your hair texture.

Application Techniques

Professional eyebrow tinting uses salon-grade dyes and an expert hand to ensure deeper color penetration and even application across each brow hair. This promotes longer wearability when compared to home-based methods. Precisely timed processing and a controlled sanitized environment prevent over-processing and the color from darkening or fading unevenly prematurely. You can expect your professionally-tinted brows to stay looking sharp for a longer life span.

Aftercare Routine

What you do after your tint also impacts longevity greatly. Avoid activities like swimming in chlorinated pools or long hot showers which can break down the dye. Don't pick or tweeze your tattooed-looking brows either. Use hydrating skincare around the brow area and keep them away from makeup. Limit sun exposure too as UV rays can also cause fading quickly.

Average Duration of Brow Tint

So, in summary, with the ideal clients - those with medium-dark natural brow hair, balanced skin and proper aftercare - eyebrow tints are designed to last 3-6 weeks.

If you want to tint your brows for a longer time then you may opt for microblading also called permanent eyebrow makeup which may last up to two years. 

Do’s and don'ts After Eyebrow Tint


  • Carefully wash around brows with lukewarm water

  • Moisturize daily and exfoliate weekly 

  • Pat brows dry

  • Use ONLY mineral or gel-based makeup on brows (Professionally recommended)

  • Get them retouched every 4 weeks


  • Pick or tweeze brows for 2 weeks

  • Soak in chlorine or salt water

  • Use alcohol-based products

  • Expose brows to intense sun or heat

  • Get brows wet for 12 hours after tint

Listening to these tips will allow your color to develop fully and last up to 6 dazzling weeks. 

Visit Our Spa in Fredericton for Professionally Tinted Eyebrows

For beautifully defined brows that will wow everyone, look no further than Vibrant Salon & Spa in Uptown Fredericton. Our highly skilled brow specialist will tint, shape, and groom your brows using only the finest salon-grade dyes and tools. Our hygienic spa is fully equipped to handle all your brow needs professionally from lamination to microblading. You'll walk out with insta-worthy brows that stay put for 6 whole weeks while still looking utterly natural. Be sure to book your next eyebrow tinting appointment with us today!


Professional eyebrow tinting is a low-maintenance way to achieve fuller brows without daily makeup application. When done properly by a qualified expert and using products suited for your individual needs, you can expect your tint to last anywhere from 3-6 weeks with gradual fade-out. Proper aftercare like hydration and avoiding harsh elements will also help preserve your color. With consistent touch-ups every 4 weeks, brow tinting is the easiest path to perfect brows effortlessly. Book your appointment today to flaunt tinted brows you'll love for weeks to come!

FAQs for Eyebrow Tint 

How long does it take for eyebrow tint to wear off?

It typically takes 6 weeks for an eyebrow tint to fully fade away. Through the natural hair growth cycle, the colored hair will gradually be replaced with new un-dyed hair. 

How often should you tint your eyebrows?

We recommend getting your eyebrows re-tinted once a month. This ensures any new hair growth or faded areas blend seamlessly with the leftover color. Consistent monthly tinting is the secret to naturally radiant brows.

Can I shower or wash my face after the tint service?

It's best to avoid showering, washing your face, or getting your brows wet for at least 12 hours after a tinting session. This gives the dye time to fully develop before water exposure. You can then gently cleanse around brows. But avoid chlorinated pools or salt water, as chlorine can break down the dye.

Can I use normal hair dye on my eyebrows?

Using regular hair dye formulated for thick hair head use on brows isn't recommended. These dyes contain harsh chemicals not meant for sensitive eyebrow skin. Stick to vegetable-based brow tints applied by a professional for the healthiest, most natural brows.

How much does it cost?

At Vibrant Salon & Spa, a single professional eyebrow tint is affordably priced at just $20. You may even bundle tinting with eyebrow waxing for more define brow.


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