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What is Eyebrow Lamination and why it is a good alternate to microblading?

Brow lamination Fredericton

If you are going for an eyebrow beauty treatment and looking for an ideal option, then you will be surprised that brow lamination, eyebrow lamination kit, micbroblading alternative, and eyebrow lamination near me are trending now as compared to any other beauty treatment. Now your first question will be what brow lamination is and why you should go for it. In this article, we will provide you all the helpful information about this new trending brow-boosting treatment.

Is eyebrow lamination a good alternative to microblading?Is eyebrow lamination a good alternative to microblading?

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Brow lamination, an stiffening treatment for unruly or thinning eyebrows, is the newest reputable salon offering, proving trendy brows for both males and females. Eyebrow lamination is a beauty treatment that includes semi-permanently straightening and smoothing your brows by a chemical solution. It is basically chemical flattening for your eyebrows. This laminating treatment for brow is a full-proof technique to avoid smudgy eyebrows and also helps cut the makeup procedure. It is also great for adding definition, filling gaps, and giving the illusion of more hair to sparse eyebrows.

Is Eyebrow Lamination good for me?

The treatment is suitable for everyone but can be best treatment for you

  • If you want thick, bold brows without the fuss of makeup

  • If you have eyebrow hair that doesn’t stay in place or drop

How Brow Lamination treatment works

The treatment involves a process where the natural brow is spread and set into a natural and softened finish. Then a couple of solutions are infused into the brow hair to smooth grey or coarse hair, so they sit back to the skin. Because the eyebrows are set in an outward and upward direction, this offers youthfulness and lift to the area of the eye. The whole treatment, including consult, shaping, and trimming,takes a maximum of about 40 minutes, and it can last about two months after the treatment.

It is a painless beauty treatment, however in rare cases, a little discomfort you may feel from the chemical which is used in this treatment. Furthermore, you may need no to little aftercare in this treatment. After the treatment, you need to keep your treated skin area dry to ensure a long-lasting eyebrow lamination effect. You may also be recommended by your brow expert to use a clear brow gel once a day to set the eyebrows into place and maintain the desired results.

Is eyebrow lamination a good alternative to microblading?

As you all know, microblading is a semi-permanent brow treatment that involves fine etching strokes into the skin with natural dyes to impersonator life-like hair strokes. This is more nominal at filling the gaps within your eyebrows, where brows lamination is a procedure where the natural hair is dispersed and set into a natural and unstiffened finish. Microblading is a long-lasting in nature but expensive beauty treatment as compared to new hot trending brow lamination.

Is it safe to have Eyebrow lamination DIY?

Expert says eyebrow lamination is not safe at home because the treatment involves chemicals, and only a professional can decide for how much time a chemical should be applied to your brow hair and then remove it safely. A little mistake can damage your natural eyebrow hair. So eyebrow lamination is considered only a Pro treatment.

If you are from Fredericton and looking for eyebrow lamination, then good news for you, you can book an appointment with Vibrant Salon and Spa and can have a pro brow lamination treatment.


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