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5 Reasons to Choose Tape In Hair Extensions

tape-in hair extensions fredericton

If you're looking for the best hair extension method to get the long, luscious locks of your dreams, then tape in hair extensions are an excellent way to go. Not only are they one of the most popular methods available today, but they offer a number of benefits that make them an ideal choice. From a natural look and feel to long-lasting wear, here are five reasons why tape extensions should be your go-to option for achieving beautiful hair.


What are Tape-in Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent solution for those looking to add length, volume, and texture to their hair. These extensions are pre-taped with medical grade glue so they can be quickly installed without any heat or tools. Tape in extensions are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear and less likely to damage the natural hair.

Tape in hair extensions can last longer when properly maintained. They come in a variety of colors and textures so that you can find the perfect match for your unique look! With these easy to maintain extensions, you can enjoy beautiful long locks without the damaging effects that some other types of permanent extension solutions may bring. Now let's come to the real question of why you should choose this tape-in while many types of hair extensions are available.


Reason 1: Safety

Opting for tape in hair extensions is a popular choice, primarily because they offer great protection for your hair and scalp. Hair loss is a significant concern when wearing extensions, but tape in extensions addresses this issue effectively. Their lightweight nature and placement at the hair root eliminate any risk of pulling, which could otherwise lead to damage or breakage with other types of extensions. Moreover, these extensions use medical-grade glue that ensures no irritation, itching, or hair loss due to poorly fitted extensions.


Reason 2: Long Lasting

Tape in Remy hair extensions are incredibly durable and can withstand regular washing and heat styling, making them an ideal choice for those who want to keep their look consistent over time. But remember, the way they are applied and cared for will affect their durability. 


Reason 3: Versatility in Style

Tape in Hair extensions come in various colors, length, and textures, allowing for a wide variety of looks. Most tape-in hair extensions are made with Remy human hair, so they have the ability to be styled just like your natural hair can. This gives you the opportunity to create different looks, from everyday wear to special events, with an effortless transition. With this type of extension, you can also easily go from short or fine hair to long and thick locks that look completely natural without any fuss or damage done to your own strands while retaining movement and bounce.


Reason 4: Comfort

Tape extensions are lightweight and provide a secure fit that won't pull or cause tension on your scalp. Their lightweight design ensures maximum comfort when wearing them all day. The thin weft pieces don't add extra weight to your own hair while still providing plenty of coverage when applied correctly. These extensions also lay flat against your scalp without creating bumps or lumps like some other forms of extensions can do. As a result, achieving an undetectable finish is easy with this method!


Reason 5: Low Maintenance

Most professionals agree that tape-in hair extensions are the best because they are low maintenance. These hair extensions are designed to last up to six weeks without professional maintenance or adjustment. But it also depends on the growth rate of your hair. However, to keep them in good shape, you should also visit a hair salon once every 5-6 weeks so your stylist can remove any loose strands, realign the tapes if necessary, and replace any sections that have grown too far away from their roots. Regular salon visits will ensure that your tape extensions stay looking fresh for as long as possible!

Pro Tip: Certain activities can lead to the accidental removal of the tape. These include hair pulling, using a towel to wrap or squeeze hair, and wearing high ponytails or buns. Fortunately, it is possible to reuse tape-in extensions with new tapes. This process requires patience and skill, so if you’re not confident doing this yourself, it is best to consult a professional hairdresser who can help replace the old tapes with new ones.


How to All These Benefits?

Just because tape in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove does not mean you should try to install them at home. To get the most out of the above-mentioned benefits, it is important to find the best hair stylist in your town that offers professional hair extension services. A good stylist will know exactly how many extensions needs to be applied and how they should be placed for the best results. They will also make sure that the extensions blend seamlessly into your existing hair so that you can achieve a natural-looking result.


Professional Hair Extensions Services in Fredericton

Vibrant Salon and Spa in Fredericton is the place to go when searching for professional hair extension services. We have the best hair stylists in town, all experienced and knowledgeable in providing several salon services. Our stylists specialize in helping clients achieve vibrant, long-lasting looks by using only quality products. From selecting the right extension type to measuring and fitting it perfectly, they care for every detail with precision and expertise. They also color match precisely so that your look appears natural while achieving maximum volume and length.


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