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3 Bridal Updos That Are Absolutely Stunning


Every woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. Many women put in long hours at the gym, trying to lose weight and tone up before their special day arrives. Other women spend a fortune on the wedding dress of their dreams.

However, you will have to do more than find a great dress if you want to look amazing at your wedding. The easiest way is to select the right kind of hairstyle for your personality, facial features and how well it looks with your bridal gown.

In the majority of cases, brides opt for some kind of updo. Below are three bridal updos that will make you look stunning.

Braided Updo Style

Thanks to shows like Game Of Thrones, braided hairstyles are more popular than ever. If you love the look of those braids, then you might want to try a braided updo on your wedding day.

A braided updo can look amazing, especially with the right kind of veil. One veil in particular that goes with this hairstyle is the shoulder length veil. It is teamed with the blusher, which is used for covering the bride’s face. The veil is about two feet long and hangs to the bride’s shoulders. First-time brides favor this veil since it symbolizes innocence and purity.

When you combine the braided updo with the shoulder veil, your hair will look absolutely amazing. And, as an added bonus, your hairstyle will last all day long from wedding vows to dancing at your reception.


Jeweled Bridal Updo

This is your big day, so you deserve to feel like a princess. One of the simplest ways to become a princess bride is to make jewels a part of your hairstyle. A skilled hairstylists like Vibrant Salon and Spa can easily weave jewels into your hair. You can also add some sparkle by wearing barrettes, hairpins or even a tiara.

If sparkles aren't your thing, but you still want a hairstyle that feels special, you could try adding some flowers to your hair. Flowers will give you a whimsical, romantic appearance or vibe.


Half Up-Dos

Are you a big fan of your own hair? If you've worked hard to grow out your hair, you may not want to put it up or at least, not all of your hair anyway. Instead, wear it down and show it off. It is such a polished look and works on every hair type. Plus, it will help to keep you cool if you’re getting married on a hot day.

All three of these hairstyles should inspire you to find and choose your dream bridal updo. No matter which style you choose you can’t go wrong because they are all so versatile.

About the Author: Sherry Harris is the owner of Sherry’s Life. Whether you’re looking for information about hair colour, hair tips, hair extensions and wigs, hair products, hairstyles or hair tools and appliances, Sherry has written about every imaginable topic.


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