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Why Choose Brazilian Wax - Benefits and Considerations

Whether you're getting ready for swimwear season or want the neatness and confidence of hairless skin down there, you may be considering your hair removal options. From shaving to trimming to waxing, there are several methods to choose from. Understanding what a Brazilian wax is and its benefits compared to other choices can help you decide if it's the right fit for your needs.

Brazilian Waxing 

A Brazilian wax involves removing hair from the bikini area, which is the pubic hair above the pubic area and even includes the buttocks. It uses hard wax that softens with heat and adheres to the hair, not to the skin. To perform a Brazilian, an esthetician gently applies strips of warm wax, waits for it to harden, and then pulls the strip away, eliminating hair from the roots.

The Waxing Procedure 

When deciding if Brazilian waxing is for you, it helps to have an idea of what to expect from the procedure. A full Brazilian may last 20-30 minutes depend on how much hair needs to be removed. You’ll be asked to lie down as the esthetician meticulously spreads warm wax over sections of your bikini area with wooden sticks or spatulas. Once hardened, the strip is pulled away against the direction of hair growth, taking the hair with it. Any residual wax or hair is cleaned away before moving to the next section. The process is repeated section by section until your bikini and surrounding areas are neatly hairless.

Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

Choosing Brazilian has several potential benefits over other hair removal methods. Let's look at some of the key upsides:

Long-lasting Smooth and Silky Skin

One of the biggest perks is how long the results last. When done by a professional, you can expect hairless, smooth skin to stick around for 4 to 6 weeks or longer depending on your individual growth rate. Typically, pubic hair grows between 0.25 to 0.5 mm per day, which translates to roughly 1-2 cm per month. By physically removing hair from the root zone, Brazilian slows future regrowth so you need fewer appointments to maintain smooth skin.


The natural exfoliation that occurs during Brazilian helps slough off dead skin cells, leaving skin softer and fresher. This buffing away of dull surface layers reveals rejuvenated new skin ready to better absorb moisture and care products you apply after your wax. Regular exfoliation is important for maintaining healthy skin texture.

Less Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair, or those that curl and embed under the skin instead of breaking through the surface, are a common problem for those who shave or epilate pubic hair. However, waxing is less likely to cause this irritation because it removes the entire hair including the root. Preventing shaving bumps means avoiding discomfort, redness, and potential infection from ingrown hair trapped beneath the skin.

No Razor Bumps

Razor bumps can develop from shaving due to clipping instead of complete hair reduction. These small red bumps along shaved skin are a form of razor burn caused by friction from the blades. By drawing out hair from the root, hot wax eliminates this risk of post-grooming rashes or other skin issues. Your skin will feel smooth and calm after a Brazilian.

May Stimulate Collagen Production

It's not guaranteed, but some research has found that waxing may trigger the body's wound healing response, spurring regeneration of collagen fibers in the epidermis. As collagen gives structure and elasticity to the skin, maintaining optimal levels is important for firmness and preventing signs of aging like sagging. Getting regular Brazilians could have anti-aging skin benefits over time.

Hygiene or Aesthetic Reasons

Completely hairless bikini areas have hygienic advantages over having any amount of pubic hair. Without the trapped warmth and moisture beneath hair, you're less likely to experience unwanted odor or moist skin issues. A neatly waxed look also provides a sleek aesthetic for situations like wearing form-fitting attire, lingerie, or bathing suits where having a hairy pubis may not suit your intended presentation.

Issues to Meditate on Pre-Brazilian 

Of course, Brazilian hair removal isn't without potential downsides depending on your pain tolerance, skin sensitivity, and other lifestyle factors. Let's review some important considerations:

Pain Factor

Waxing does involve a brief moment of discomfort as each strip is removed. However, pain levels vary greatly between individuals and with experience. Your first time may feel more sensitive as skin becomes conditioned over repeat visits. Communicating needs to your provider allows them to properly numb or soothe areas as needed. Most find the mild to moderate pain briefly outweighed by smooth results.

Redness and Irritation 

It's normal to see some temporary redness or small whiteheads along the hair follicles after a Brazilian as your skin adjusts. However, consistently getting waxed over time conditions the skin to minimize discomfort. Avoid scrubbing or irritants on freshly waxed skin while it settles down over the next few days.

Time Commitment 

Waxing appointments require booking time at a salon and spa. If done often, they may need to be scheduled more frequently. Consider whether repeat waxes fit conveniently into your usual routine. Most opt to space them out by 4-6 weeks for best results.

Weighing these potential pros and cons will help you decide if investing in regular Brazilian matches your personal priorities around comfort, convenience and desired hair removal results long term.

Brazilian Wax vs. Other Hair Removal Methods

Now that you understand the Brazilian process and factors to consider, it's worthwhile comparing it to some other popular options for vaginal hair removal:

What Makes Brazilian Service Better Than Shaving?

The biggest advantages Brazilian has the much longer hairless period it provides and lower chances of razor bumps or discomfort. Shaving only lasts a few days before stubble appears, and risks nicks from blades as well as bacteria being trapped along the skin's edge.

Comparison With Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatments work by targeting hair follicles to slow or stop future regrowth, so they offer a more permanent solution over time and are also less painful when compared with waxing. However, results often take many sessions to become noticeable and tend to be costlier than waxing per appointment. Lasers also carry caution against use for blonde hair or very dark skin.

Brazilian Waxing Spa in Fredericton

When seeking a competent and safe provider to perform your Brazilian wax, research local spas and estheticians with experience and excellent reviews. An ideal choice is Vibrant Salon and Spa located in Uptown Fredericton. As a leader in waxing services for over a decade, our trained and licensed experts will make you feel comfortable and ensure a clean, professional result.

Vibrant provides a comprehensive range of popular hair removal methods, including sugaring, waxing, and laser treatments, to cater to every client's unique needs. We offer expert advice on products to soothe skin before and after treatments and schedule appointments to seamlessly integrate with your routine.

Closing Thoughts

With the right education and provider, Brazilian offers smoother, longer-lasting results than other hair removal options with minimal discomfort. 

  1. It provides longer-lasting hair removal compared to shaving, lasting 4-6 weeks between treatments.

  2. It exfoliates skin, stimulating collagen production and leaving a smoother, fresher complexion.

  3. Waxing is less likely than shaving to cause ingrown hair and razor bumps.

  4. It creates a clean, hairless appearance preferred by many for swimwear and intimacy.

  5. While painful for some, most find the short-term discomfort is outweighed by hairless for weeks. Regular waxes condition skin to minimize pain.

Brazilian Service FAQs

Will a Brazilian help with odor?

By eliminating hair from the genital area, waxing limits places for sweat and moisture to accumulate, along with bacteria, lowering the chance of unwanted scents. A hairless vulva can dry more quickly and feel fresher throughout the day.

Who should not get a Brazilian Wax?

Those with very sensitive skin prone to irritation or active infections in the area should avoid waxing. It's safest to wait until any cuts, bumps, ingrown hairs, or pimples have fully healed before scheduling an appointment. You also may want to avoid bikini waxing during your period when some experience higher pain sensitivity. 

Is it really necessary to get a Brazilian?

While not a medical necessity, many find regular Brazilian boosts their confidence and hygiene in certain situations by eliminating unwanted hair. It maintains a sleek, hairless look for much longer than shaving or other at-home methods. However, having pubic hair is completely natural and you shouldn't feel pressured into waxing if personal preference or circumstances don't favor it. Choose based on your own priorities and comfort level.

Where is Brazilian wax done?

Professional Brazilian service is always performed in a licensed establishment by an experienced esthetician. Look for fully equipped spas, salons or dedicated waxing studios with private rooms and high sanitation standards. 

Can you get a Brazilian while pregnant?

It's generally not recommended to get waxed during pregnancy due to skin sensitivity and the rare possibility of injury or infection that could impact the baby. Best to avoid any hair removal services until after delivery when bodies have fully recovered and skin returns to normal. 

How much does a Brazilian wax cost?

At our Fredericton spa, we offer Brazilian wax sessions at $59 each. This price ensures that you receive the highest quality service from our estheticians, using premium wax and adhering to the best hygiene practices for a comfortable and effective waxing experience

Does a Brazilian include the bum?

A "full Brazilian" guarantees all hair will be removed from the vulva, peri-anal area and buttocks. However, a standard Brazilian focuses only on the bikini line and surrounding areas. Communicating your desired service ensures expectations are clear. 


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