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Why and when you need lash infill treatment?

Lash infill fredericton

There will be a lot of women who will continue to experiment with their makeup looks in 2021. Eyelash extensions are among the most important beauty treatments and gaining popularity. The lashes are semi-permanent and will look dramatic on any woman! These treatments are long-lasting as well as easy to apply, and they require little maintenance. We have already discussed three popular styles of classic, volume, and hybrid lashes in our previous posts. Now in this article, we will discuss one most important part of this treatment is lash infills. Yes, a lash refill’s procedure is necessary to maintain lashes in perfect shape all the time. Your questions might be why and when you need lash infill after the eyelash extensions treatment. Here are the two main reasons that why you need these services.


Lash Shedding

It is a natural process for your lashes to fall out. Your eyelashes, too, have a specific growth cycle, just like all other hairs on your body. Eyelashes typically don't grow back rapidly for many people. Individuals in this situation would benefit from eyelash fixing.

A falling lash will have an extension at the end. As a result, your hair follicles are likely to support normal hair growth. However, in case this does not happen, lash extension fillings are there for you. Your lashes will return to their former glory after a regular fill appointment.



As soon as the extensions grow as your natural hair does, they begin to move off the original lash line. This results in drooping, hanging, or turning off the extensions. Occasionally, this can occur if you haven't shed any eyelashes.

To get a perfectly straight lash line, you simply need to go to your nearest spa for lash refills. Your lash technician will decide how to solve the problem resulting in deformed lashes by filling in the gaps.


Lash extensions life span

An extension can last between two to four weeks. Depending on what you do to keep and maintain it, this can vary. By taking care of them, you can extend their lifespan. What is the best way to do that? Follow a specific makeup and skincare routine! And following steps should be avoided:


Use Oil-Free Products

Be sure that your skincare products do not contain oil! Or you can use lash extension-specific products. Too much harshness will rip out the extensions.


Avoid Mascara 

Those lashes are already voluminous and long. It is better to stay away from these products so that the glue can properly bond. The more time you give it, the more it will set with your extensions.


Best lash infill time

Maintaining beautiful eyes requires getting your lashes filled every two to three weeks. It is impossible to determine an exact amount of time between refills. In some cases, you will need a lash extension after two weeks; in other cases, after four weeks, depending on your aftercare. It is possible that you will need a new set if you come back after the fourth or fifth week. You'll have to start from scratch because all the extension will fall off. A lash artist is the best person to ask for these information.


Cost of Lash infill service

Prices of eyelash infill treatment are different according to the refilling style. The classic lash infill will cost you $41 to $76, while volume lashes fill price is around $110 to $132. In the same way, a hybrid lash refill service will cost you about $72 to $122.

You are most welcome to visit Vibrant Salon and Spa for the best lash extensions treatment. We have skilled lash technicians offering the best services to our clients from Fredericton and surrounding areas.


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