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Which hair Color Treatment is best? Hair Highlights vs. Balayage

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Currently, highlights are not as general as they used to be. However, something certainly needs to swap back then popular hair highlights. The modern procedures of stylish hair care like balayage hair color also came in fashion, as the latest technology came. We know the new technique is Balayage which, is the brilliant option to give the inclusive tone and highlights to your hair. In this article, I will be deliberating differences between the hair highlights and Balayage and also their drawbacks to help you all to select the best hair color treatment. You can carry a natural sun-kissed appearance by choosing Balayage hair color, and the straight strands by selecting highlights.

What is Balayage hair Color Treatment?

In this hair coloring treatment, hair color is painted onto the hair to generate a soft, delicate, and natural-looking effect. The focus of balayage is to highlight the hair in the places the sun would naturally hit, to attain that pursued after sun-kissed look. For this purpose, it’s compulsory to go to a professional colorist who will be capable of creating a customized balayage look for you based on your hair’s natural tint, cut, and texture.

The style grows out gorgeously and can be topped up hardly once a year without losing its natural form, as the color is not coated to the roots during the balayage process. The whole process typically takes between forty minutes to three hours, depending on the length of the hair and intricacy of the style.

What is Hair Highlights?

A common misunderstanding about highlights is that they are streaks of light-colored hair running through the brown base dye. This couldn’t be further from reality. Hair Highlights are minor divisions of hair that are brighter than the base tone. In this case, golden highlights would balance dark honey blonde hair, and anybody with dark brown hair could get light brown highlights.

Aluminum foils help in accomplishing your hair highlights. The hair color is applied to little sections of hair from the roots to tips and concealed with aluminum foils that highlight your hair profoundly and trap in heat. When it comes to picking the hair look you are going for; you can accurately plan the placement, tone, and size of the highlights.

Difference between balayage and highlights:


1- Highlights reflect a more organized pattern and are more sensibly placed than balayage. Balayage, in contrast, is freehand dyed onto the hair in huge sections. Consequently, balayage penetrates more immaculately to your hair than hair highlights.

2- Highlights are completed by flooding the parts of the hair, right out of the roots to the ends, whereas balayage is done by coating the dye from mid-shafts to the ends.

3- You should opt foil highlights as they use aluminum foils to saturate the color if you need more intensely lightened highlights. In comparison, balayage is a few shades brighter than your own hair color and has a blended and softer look.

4- As you know that highlights are done from the roots, when they grow out, you will need to keep them regular treatment every few weeks. At the same time, balayage grows out more naturally and needs slighter maintenance because it is not done right from the roots.

5-  Highlights focus on outlining your face and emphasizing the base color of your curls while Balayage increases the depth and facet of your tresses.

6- If we talk about the price, highlights are cheaper because it’s the most extensive hair coloring treatment in a hair salon. You will hardly spend about $100 for both the hair highlights and the renovate. Balayage, instead, is quite lavish. Meanwhile, your hairstylist needs a massive amount of color to attain it seamlessly; you might be spending at least $200 or more on it.

7- Depending on the various factors, balayage hair color treatment can take up to 5 hours. We shall also consider the length, texture, and thickness when we discuss time frames. Highlights take less time. As hairdresser uses foil to make the procedure quicker, you don’t have to spend too much time in the salon. But, this is only appropriate for those who already have robust and natural hair color. The hairdresser might suggest you repeat the treatment if your hair is previously colored with other products.


Hair highlights and balayage are both good options for adding color to your hair. However, you should decide which technique you prefer after considering your budget, your hair type, and your personal style. Consult your stylist to help you decide which technique is right for you. Remember, when you're looking for a new hair color, it's always a good idea to consider the health of your hair.


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