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What is Dermaplaning facial a vibrant guide

Dermaplaning facial fredericton

If you are looking for smoother and hair-free skin, then a dermaplaning facial is the best choice for you. It’s a skin treatment in which an exfoliating blade is used to exfoliate skin cells and hair from your face. Dermaplaning is also called Dermafacial, micro-planing, or blading. The treatment is suitable and safe for most skin types but should only be performed by a licensed esthetician.

Why you need Dermaplaning?

The purpose of Dermaplaning facial is to remove the very fine hair of the face, commonly called ‘peach fuzz’. Some individuals are more prone to vellus hair than others, and this unique facial can temporarily remove this type of hair.

The beauty treatment aims to make the skin smooth, radiant, and youthful. With this technique, your skin is claimed to be free of acne scarring and reveals a healthy, youthful glow. As said earlier, you can also use it to remove peach fuzz, the short, fluffy hair on your face.


How is it performed?

The dermablading is a physical exfoliation procedure that actually works. The process is performed with sterile surgical scalpels, which are used to gently "shave" skin's surface, removing thin, fine, or vellus hair as well as outer layers of dead skin cells. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, spots on the skin, and acne scars, and most importantly, it makes the skin smoother than it was previously.

The way it works helps products penetrate deeper, exfoliates skin post-procedure, and improves skin texture and coloring. This spa-based service does not have any downtime and can be performed on a monthly basis.


Cost of Dermaplaning treatment

Depending on the cosmetology clinic, the cost of a dermaplane may be different. Typically it can be anywhere between 75$ to 110$ depending on the treatment type you choose. Your esthetician can help you get the maximum benefits of derma facial. In addition to making your skin healthier and smoother, skin resurfacing will also make your face less hairy, which will enhance your appearance. Most skin types respond well to the treatment, and results are almost immediate.


Can I do DIY with Dermaplaning Kit?

Some people try dermaplaning at home, but it's not the best way. We advise leaving the procedure only to the experts. The professionals will assess your skin type and condition and devise a dermaplaning treatment plan for the best results. But you have to select the best spa if you want the best results.


Benefits of DermaFacial

Dermafacial uses physical exfoliation to speed up cell turnover, which tends to slow down the aging process and also helps avoid acne breakouts. By exfoliating our skin and aiding in healthier cell regeneration, also allows products to penetrate our skin better.

Moreover, dermaplaning facial seems to help get rid of excess fine hairs, which can also accumulate dirt and oil while on the face. As opposed to terminal hair, vellus hair doesn't grow back thicker and darker. When dead cells are exfoliated, and fine hairs are removed, the skin looks and feels brighter, smoother, and more refreshed.


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