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What are the different types of hair coloring techniques?

hair colouring techniques

Hair coloring has advanced greatly over the last few years with the latest techniques to give you the hair color you want. Here you'll find out about the different types of hair coloring techniques that hairdressers use.



Balayage is a hair coloring technique used by hair colorists. Hair colorists use a freehand method in doing this hair coloring technique. There are many forms of balayage hair coloring. The traditional balayage started out with a hand-painting method that involved the use of a paint brush. The hair colorist will use a brush to paint the hair with the chosen color. The process is repeated as many times as needed to achieve the look the client wants. The newer balayage process uses a foil to color the hair. The end result is a hair color that has a more natural and softer look. This is the quickest and easiest way for hairdressers to achieve the balayage look.



Ombre is a technique in which color gradation is done from dark to light. It is a hair coloring technique which is known to be one of the hottest hair trends of all time. Ombre hair is a smooth, graduated color effect that adds an extremely elegant and lovely look. It is a timeless technique which is best suited for long hair. In fact,ombre hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. These techniques are applied to hair in layers. The hairdresser starts at the top of the head and works her way down. This is why the hair at the bottom of the head is darker. Hair that is darkest at the bottom is referred to as an "ombre effect."

Ombre is a color trend which is inspired by the natural color of the hair. It is a hair coloring technique that is best suited for women with long hair. Women with short hair can also go for this hair color trend.



A sombre is a type of hair colouring used by hairdressers. The sombre technique is similar to an ombre but the process of coloring is slightly different. To create a sombre, the hairdresser uses a single color that is applied all over the hair. The color is painted on the hair in sections. This creates a shadow effect and creates a more vibrant color than an ombre. Sombres are used when the hairdresser wants to create a more subtle impression of colour on the hair. The sombre technique is used to create a range of hair colors from light brown through to dark brown. The technique is also used to create a range of auburn and red shades. The sombre technique uses a gradual color transition. This means that light brown can gradually become darker brown. The same can be said for reds as they can gradually become auburn.

The sombre technique is often used alongside a balayage technique. This is a technique where the hairdresser paints the hair in sections and then uses a foil attachment to highlight the hair. Together the two techniques are often used to create a range of subtle color changes on the hair.


Hair highlights

Hair highlights are a form of hair coloring cosmetology that is used in order to add dimension to your hair. It is used to add color to the hair that is not natural and is usually done to add highlights to your hair. This high lighting can be done in several ways and with different colors that can range from black to blonde and even red and purple.

Hair highlights are a great way to add depth and or dimension to your hair style. A highlight is a mixture of 2 or more colors of lightener or toner used in your hair to add highlights. When hair lightening is used on hair, it can either be permanent or temporary. A perm only affects the cuticle layer of the hair and a permanent hair color will only be able to lighten your natural hair color about 4 levels. Hair highlights on the other hand are a different story. When highlights are added to hair by hairdresser, they add in the lighter colors but they do not actually change the natural color of your hair. Unlike a perm, color highlights will not change your hair's curl pattern or texture.


Hair lowlights

Hair lowlights are a type of hair coloring technique that is used to create a natural looking variation of hair color. You can opt for hair lowlights if you have dark hair, but want to add a highlight to your hair. Hair lowlights are done in a way that they complement your hair color and add depth and dimension to your hair. Hair lowlights are a great way to add an interesting look to your hair.



The Bronde hair color technique is an example of a trend in hair color that can make a real difference to your look by just changing one single aspect of it. The hair color technique is a mix of blonde, brown and red that can be applied to a certain kind of hair color or hairstyle. Often the hair color technique is used on women with dark hair or light brown hair. It might be that the hair is a bit lighter in the summer and a bit darker in the winter. Or hair stylists might just want to change the style all together.

The Bronde hair color technique, which is short for "bronze", is a look that can be pulled off by a range of different women. It adds color to the hair but also neutralizes the hair color. It's a great alternative for women who are tired of dark hair or light brown hair.


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