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What are the best Permanent Facial hair removal treatments?

permanent facial hair removal fredericton

Facial hair impedes the physical appeal and appearance of your face. The risk of losing self-esteem can even be more significant if this beauty issue exists on your face. The removal of facial hair will be a great idea if you suffer from such a problem (especially thick facial hair). Threading, plucking, waxing, and depilatories are all methods that are available for removing hair from face.


They are all effective methods of removing unwanted hair. But they never have a long-lasting effect. The growth of hair on your face may be apparent within three weeks after the treatment. If you intend to use these temporary hair removal methods, you should only invest in the materials required to enjoy the results for 15-25 days. However, don't you think it would be a more prudent move to permanently remove the facial hair? You can permanently eliminate facial hair in-office, which can help you look attractive and clean for the rest of your life. The following article explains how women and men can remove facial hair permanently.


Permanent facial hair removal methods

For permanent hair removal on your face, you can use two popular methods. Among these are laser hair removal and electrolysis. Each of these methods is administered by a technician in a spa visit and requires a number of sessions.


Laser Facial Hair Removal

Lasers produce intense, pulsating light beams. Laser beams are used in this medispa-based beauty treatment to eliminate hair from any body part, including the face. This procedure is also known as permanent hair removal. A laser emits an intense heat that damages the hair follicles that cover the skin part being treated. Further hair growth is inhibited due to this process. It can also be used to effectively remove facial hair. The hair will completely disappear from the facial skin after several successful sessions. There may also be the need for periodic maintenance treatments. If you have light skin but dark facial hair, this technique can help you remove unwanted hair permanently.

Further, the treatment is entirely safe, and there is no side effect or downtime. But the process must be performed only by an experienced technician. I will not recommend using home-based laser hair removal devices. Most of those devices cause skin burns and adverse effects.



Electrolysis is another way to permanently remove facial hair. In the procedure, a needle or rod is inserted into the follicle or hair shaft to heat or galvanize it. During the process of heating, the growth center of a particular hair strand is destroyed. Tweezers are then used to remove the hair strand. Electrolysis is a time-consuming process since each hair strand has to be worked on one by one to complete the process. Additionally, it's painful as compared to other hair removal treatments. Electrolysis costs vary depending on the length of time it takes to permanently remove hair, but it is much costly when comparing with laser hair removal.


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