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What Are Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Have you ever admired a celebrity's full, flowing locks and wished your own hair was that long? Or maybe you want an easy way to change up your style without a major commitment. If so, keratin hair extensions may be the solution you've been looking for. These advanced extensions use keratin protein to seamlessly fuse strands of real human hair to your natural hair. Keep reading if you are keen to learn what exactly keratin bond hair extensions are and whether they may be right for you.

Keratin bond hair extensions 

Keratin bond hair extensions offer a natural-looking way to achieve the length and volume you've always wanted. They are made using natural human hair that has been treated with a keratin protein at the tip. This keratin tip is then used to fuse the extension strand to a small section of your natural hair. Keratin protein is used because it is found naturally in hair and can be melted and molded using heat to securely fuse the bond without damage.

A stylist will apply heat and pressure to melt the keratin bond, fusing it securely around a few of your natural hair strands. This process is repeated with many fine strands of human hair to build up length, volume, or create a new hairstyle. The end result looks, feels, and moves just like your natural hair.

The process of attaching keratin bond extensions 

To attach keratin extensions, your stylist will first section off small parts of your hair near the roots. They will then thread a pre-bonded extension strand through the section of natural hair. A fusion iron is used to precisely apply heat to the keratin tip, melting the bond. By pressing and molding the bond, it fuses tightly around a few of your hair strands. When it cools and sets, the extension becomes permanently attached yet still allows for movement. This process can take 1 to 4 hours depending on the stylist's skill and how many strands are being applied.

The pros of keratin hair extensions 

Some key benefits keratin hair extensions offer:

  • Natural Looking Results - When applied properly, the bonds blend seamlessly into your natural hair texture and movement for a very realistic look and feel.

  • Integration with Natural Hair - The tiny melted bonds are nearly invisible. You can style your new hair just like your natural hair, curling, straightening or adding waves or texture.

  • Colors and Textures - Keratin bonds come in every hair color and texture, from fine and straight to thick and curly. This allows finding the perfect match.

  • Long-Lasting Wear - Top quality keratin extensions can potentially last 6 months or more with proper care and regular touch-ups.

  • Ability to Cut and Style as Needed - Unlike other types, you can easily cut or thin out the extensions as your hair grows out.

  • Heat Resistance - Keratin bonds are formulated to withstand heat styling from blow dryers or flat irons without slipping or melting.

The cons 

As with any hair extension method, keratin hair extensions do have some drawbacks:

  • Time Commitment - The application process is lengthy, usually 1-4 hours for a full set. This requires a big-time investment.

  • Ongoing Upkeep - Maintaining the bonds means dedicating to specific hair products and regular touch-up appointments for best results.

  • Not for Fine or Damaged Hair - If your natural hair is very fine or damaged, it may not support the weight of the extensions without further breakage.

Factors to consider before getting keratin hair extensions

Before committing to hair extensions, consider:

  • Assessing the health and strength of your natural hair to ensure it can support the extensions.

  • Choosing a reputable salon, as application requires skill. Look for highly trained keratin bond extensions specialists.

  • Understanding the long-term time and cost commitment to maintain the extensions over months. Be prepared for regular styling and upkeep.

Keratin bonds vs other types of hair extensions

Experience the best keratin bond hair extensions in Fredericton

If you're interested in exploring keratin bond hair extensions, consider visiting Vibrant Salon in Fredericton. We are one of the Fredericton top hair salons known for their experienced hairstylists and expertise in hair extension services. In particular, their stylists are highly trained and experienced in applying both tape-in and keratin bond hair extensions. The salon prides itself on using only high-quality human hair and sterile techniques to achieve natural-looking results. Speak to any of Vibrant's talented stylists for a free consultation and more details on booking a keratin bond hair extension appointment.

To close

  • Keratin hair extensions can be a great low-maintenance option for adding length and volume.

  • When applied by a skilled professional, they look completely natural and allow heat styling.

  • Just be sure to choose a best hair salon and commit to the special care needed to keep them looking their best.

  • With proper aftercare, keratin hair extensions have the potential to last months while transforming your look.

  • Try them to enjoy the confidence and convenience of a whole new head of hair.

FAQs about keratin hair extensions

Does bonding extensions damage hair? 

It depends on the application quality. If applied correctly using small fine bonds and proper techniques, damage is none to minimal for most hair types. But tension during application can potentially cause damage, so it's best to trust very experienced bonding specialists.

Can you reuse keratin bond extensions?

In some cases, it's possible, but it requires specialized skills and extra effort. Over time the bonds may become weaker with wear. It's generally not recommended by our hairstylists. New full sets are often a better option for long-term results.

Is it normal for bonds to fall out?

Shedding a few bonds over several weeks is normal as hair grows out. But if more than 10% of bonds detach, it could indicate a problem that requires attention from your stylist. See them promptly for an evaluation.

Are keratin bonds suitable for thin hair?

While possible, thin or fine hair poses a greater risk of damage from the bonds' weight. Look for a skilled stylist focused on super small seamless bonds placed close to the root for best results without additional stress on delicate strands. Opt for fewer strands in the set as well.

Do extensions cause scalp irritation?

Those with sensitive scalps are more prone to potential irritation from any type of extension, including keratin bonds. But high-quality human hair and bonds applied with care usually cause no issues for most. See your stylist if itching or redness occurs.


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