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Vibrant introducing virtual reality pedicures

virtual reality pedicures fredericton

Virtual Reality pedicures are the newest trend in the beauty industry. They offer a more vibrant and stimulating experience than traditional pedicures. VR pedicures involve immersing yourself in a virtual world while your feet are being pampered. This can include anything from jumping on a roller coaster to walking on a beach. So be ready as we are introducing Virtual reality pedicures in Fredericton. Want to know more? Let’s discuss


What is VR Pedicure?

A new type of pedicure has hit the scene, and it is one that comes with the added benefit of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality pedicure is just like a traditional pedicure, but with the added bonus of being able to experience a virtual environment while your feet are being tended to. This new type of pedicure is perfect for those who want to be able to relax and enjoy a virtual world while also getting a pedicure.

The salon and spa experience could be transformed using virtual reality. Clients can come to Vibrant Salon & Spa to completely shut off and escape from reality around them. Vibrant enhances this by offering clients the chance to experience some stunning and idyllic destinations, which could almost be a real vacation.


How does it work?

A technician will ask you to choose a nail polish color after you have decided the type of pedicure you want. Pedicures can be done with a variety of colors, and the technician will help you choose the best color for your skin tone and the style of pedicure you are getting.

Then the three virtual destinations will be offered to the customer after sitting on our luxurious pedicure station. The choices can be

1.       Escape to the beach

2.       Go on safari

3.       Jump on a roller coaster

The customer will be able to make a choice based on their own personal preferences and what they would like to experience. Each destination offers its own unique set of activities and experiences that the customer can enjoy.

After choosing your desired virtual location, you will be given a virtual reality headset and headphones. The VR headset will completely immerse you in the virtual world. The headphones will allow you to hear all the sounds in the world around you as if you were really there. Within moments, this will create an incredibly realistic experience that will make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action. In the meantime, the nail technician will massage your feet and give you a pedicure to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable while enjoying your VR experience.


Cost of VR Pedicures

The cost of a virtual reality pedicure is $89 plus tax at our nail salon.


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