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Types of Keratin hair treatments and its Pros and Cons

Keratin Hair Treatment Fredericton

If you are struggling with curly, unmanageable hair, you should consider getting a Keratin Hair Treatment. The effects of the treatment provide desired results by strengthening the hair shaft and making your hair healthier and are long-lasting.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?



Keratin is the primary structural material that makes up the outer layer of your skin, hair, and nails. As you may know, Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin makes hair healthy and shiny, but the protein is weaker in textured and curly hair, which results in frizz and dryness.

This treatment is nothing but a chemical process in which salon experts use protein to cover hair strands to make them glossy and smooth. Although there are several types of keratin treatments, on an elementary level, all of them include injecting the porous areas with keratin and diving into the hair follicle to make hair stronger. Results of keratin treatment can last up to four months, and specialists might modify formula mixtures to suit your hair requirement and type. The procedure itself can take around three to five hours, depending on your hair thickness and texture, hair length, and the treatment formulation being used.

Some Popular Types of Keratin Hair Treatments:

As said earlier, you may find several types of keratin hair treatments available in the market, some consisting of more formaldehyde than others, and some holding less damaging alternatives. The use of formaldehyde chemicals is alarming because it is a carcinogen. However, the formaldehyde used in a keratin hair treatment is in a smaller amount: it’s best to go for formaldehyde-free treatments.

Latest keratin hair treatments are formaldehyde-free and use another chemical called glyoxylic acid as an alternative. Whereas being the best decision in terms of effectiveness and safety in treating hair, glyoxylic acid keratin treatments do not deliver long-lasting results and are not very active.

Cezanne hair treatment

This is the most formaldehyde-conscious and natural keratin hair treatment. Cezanne is best for those with beautiful hair because it not only eliminates frizz but also nurtures damaged strands. If you have coloured hair, you might need to give this a miss as it can mess with lightened shades. Though, you can follow up a Cezanne treatment with a hair color appointment.


Brazilian blowout hair treatment

It is one of the very first hair treatments to be developed in Brazil in 2005. The Brazilian blowout hair treatment is costly but value for money as it reduces frizz and smoothens the hair cuticle by covering strands in a protective protein layer. The treatment results last up to ninety days.

Trisolla and Trisolla Plus hair treatment

These are the quickest to apply in all keratin hair treatments. These treatments are ideal for those with thick and damaged hair or with colored or tresses. Curl texture is moderated depending on the number of times each part is flat-ironed. The treatment makes hair manageable, holds well through humid and hot weather conditions, and doesn't lighten hair colour.

Japzilian keratin hair treatment

Combining the Japanese hair straightening system with a Brazilian keratin treatment, the Japzilian offers long-lasting effects than any other keratin treatments, twenty-four weeks longer than the Brazilian treatment! Tresses are first released using the Brazilian blowout, followed by using the Japanese treatment on top, which locks out frizz and seals the cuticle. Japanese flattening crimp is combed through hair, and rough strands are covered twice. The hair is washed after seventy minutes and blow-dried again for smooth hair that air-dries straight.

Keratin express hair treatment

This is a little treatment that includes keratin use to the hair in the form of the serum, followed by finishing it in using a flat iron and blow dryer. It is perfect for ladies with frizzy hair who are considering to make their hair more manageable. Results of this treatment last up to more or less one and a half months.

How often can you get this treatment?

A couple of times a year is usually sufficient. A single treatment lasts up to six months. These are not cheap so you must visit some best hair salons in your area if you want long-lasting results.

Like all other hair treatments, Keratin treatments also have some Pros and Cons. You can find here a few of them

Advantages include:


  • Frizz-free hair for up to four months

  • Defense from the sun and environmental damage

  • Hair is a less prone damage

  • Shinier and softer hair

Some Disadvantages


  • It can be allergic to a specific individual because of a Chemical used in this treatment Formaldehyde

  • Because the treatment contains chemicals so if you are doing DIY you may harm your skin and hair

  • If your hairstylists are not skilled enough, then they can damage your hair or skin because the treatment involves a lot of heat and chemical so well experienced hairstylist is must for this

If you are looking for a specialist Keratin hair Treatment in Fredericton, then you may consult with Vibrant hair salon as they have qualified staff, and you can have an excellent salon and spa experience.


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