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Tips for safe salon and spa experience during COVID-19

medical spa and salon fredericton

Say Ta-ta to homemade facemasks and DIY hairdos. It is time for grooming and pampering again as beauty salons, Medispas, and day spas have been opened after lockdowns in different provinces of Canada. Protection and sanitization at Medical Spas, salons and day spas have become most important as provincial government advises measures such as temperature checks before entering into salon and spa, sanitization of sites, electronic payments, and new separate protective gear and grooming kits for each client, are established. At some locations, clients have to fill and sign a declaration form declaring their travel history (if they are not coming from any city, province or country which is highly affected by COVID-19) and whether they have been in contact with someone who is infected and has tested positive for COVID-19. To get an insider’s assessment about safety at beauty salons, Day Spas, and Medispas, which have been re-opened, we looked at what business experts are doing to make sure a safe and wonderful salon and spa experience for their customers and employees.


What is your responsibility?

There are more than a few actions that you should take at your end for a wonderful and safe experience at Medical spas, Day spas, and beauty or hair salons.

Book an Appointment

Remember that for a safe and stress-free spa or salon experience, always book an appointment so that the salon team can be up to date with their preparation and sanitization until you reached, and no safety measures are overlooked or ignored in a rush.

For your Safety

Every time when you are given a protection kit to use or don throughout your beauty treatment, be alert of the kit condition such as whether it’s completely packed, components are taped up, and tools disinfected or not. Do not take things that look like they have been already used or not in an original shape or in packing.

For Staff safety

In case you feel you are developing any signs of any kind of infection before your appointment, inform the salon and spa team, cancel your appointment and reschedule only once you are completely healthier. This is vital for the safety of the salon staff and for yourself as well.

Follow the Rules

It is most important that you follow all instructions and guidelines given by the Government and the administration of the salon and spa you are visiting. While not always the most convenient, these steps must be taken by us as responsible citizens for a better future to safeguard our collective happiness and health.

Vibrant Salon and Spa are taking all steps to ensure the safety of its clients as well as its team. We are following all the guidelines given by the Government to ensure a safe and stress-free salon and spa experience for everyone. If you are in Fredericton and want to enjoy pampering services in a safe environment, then book your appointment today.


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