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Things you need to know before Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions Fredericton

Eyelash extensions, a new fashion that offers you fuller and longer eyelashes without the need for mascara.

This new beauty treatment can reduce your morning makeup routine but can also come with certain serious risks, that’s if you don't appropriately pay attention to them.

With lashes, you can come in, and you know, in one and half hours to three hours later, you are a new person with long and beautiful lashes.

Going to a Professional esthetician is one of the critical requirements for getting healthy and safe extensions.

You must need to ensure that you are going to a salon or spa which has been skilled enough. You want it to be done well enough to where it keeps the health of your own eyelashes and that you are able to retain lashes.

Where the lash extensions are placed on your eye can eventually determine the appearance and health of your lashes.

It is actually essential that they are not touching the eyelid because you have these glands that help your own eyelashes stay healthy.

If the lash extensions are too near to the lid of your eye, then you can experience irritation or even infection.

This can also cause Blepharitis.

But what exactly is Blepharitis? Your eyelids will begin to swell up in this complication. They might get too much irritated, and if it really gets too bad, they can cause a severe problem even blindness or other serious complications, says a Licensed esthetician, Angellissa.

Eyelash mites can also be a risk to females with lash extensions. Therefore, if someone else had lash extensions or even, if they did not and had eyelash mites, and they touch your face or eyes or anything like that, you can get infected too.

After treatment, when you leave the salon, it is up to you to take care of your lashes and keep your eyes safe and clean.

If you are wearing makeup, apply only oil-free makeup. Ensure that you take them off. If you wear eye- shadow, make sure you take your eyelashes off. Before applying eyeliner, make sure you remove your lashes every time you are wearing it.

Lash Extensions can enhance your natural attractiveness, but they may also be a bit expensive and may require a lot of maintenance.

If you do not want to continue with that day to day lash extension maintenance, but still need those fuller and longer looking eyelashes, you can try an OTC lash serum bottle. These types of serum let your lashes grow faster and stay healthy according to the manufacturer’s claim.

Lash extensions are the most advanced, reliable, and effective treatment for those with tinny lashes due to several reasons. So if you are in Fredericton and want lash extensions services, then you may consult with Vibrant Salon and Spa for a hygienic, safe and beautiful lash extensions.


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