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Sugaring Hair Removal - What Body Areas Work Best?

You have probably heard about sugaring as a natural alternative to waxing for removing unwanted hair. Sugaring uses a paste made from ingredients like sugar, lemon, and water that is applied against the direction of hair growth, gently removing it from the root. This totally natural method is less painful than waxing and causes less irritation to sensitive skin. In this article, you will learn about why sugaring hair removal is the best option for different body areas such as face, legs, arms, bikini area, chest and back.

Sugaring hair removal intro 

Sugaring is defined as a method of hair removal using a warm sugar-based paste that hardens when it cools. This paste is applied in the direction opposite to hair growth, then ripped off to remove the hair follicle, root and all. It's similar to waxing but uses natural ingredients that are less harsh on skin.

Sugaring is a good alternative to waxing for people with sensitive skin, as the sugar paste does not adhere to the skin as strongly as wax does. This makes sugaring less painful and less irritating to the skin. Sugaring also removes shorter hair more effectively than shaving or creams.

Body areas for sugaring 


The face is generally a good candidate for sugaring due to the thin, fine hair on the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Typically, facial hair grows at a rate of around 1mm every 3 days and is much finer than hair on other parts of the body. This makes it well-suited for sugaring, as the sugar paste can easily capture these smaller hairs. The hair in these areas tends to be short, typically 2-5mm in length, and fine in diameter.

Sugaring excels at removing fine hair without aggravating sensitive facial skin. Your face also has more sensitive skin than other parts of your body, with a thinner epidermis and denser concentration of nerve endings. This makes it more vulnerable to irritation from harsh waxes. By using a natural sugar paste that grips lightly, sugaring allows for facial hair removal without excessive pulling or pain typically associated with other methods on delicate facial skin.

When getting your face sugared, be sure to exfoliate before your appointment to slough off dead skin cells, which sugar adheres better to than living skin cells. This reduces irritation and pain.


Both the upper and lower arms, including the underarms and top of hands, tend to work well for sugaring. Arm hair density and thickness can vary significantly between individuals, depending on genetics and hormone levels. On average, arm hair ranges from fairly fine, approximately 0.5mm in diameter, to coarser, around 1mm thick.

Sugaring is still less irritating than waxing for arm hair removal due to the sugar paste not adhering as strongly to the skin. Although not as sensitive as the face, arm skin is also more vulnerable than areas like legs. It has approximately 500 hair follicles per square centimeter, less dense than the face but still densely packed.

Additionally, the average sweat and oil gland density of the underarms makes this area prone to in-growns from traditional waxing. Sugaring provides a gentler alternative that is effective on the spectrum of fine to coarser arm hair, up to around 10mm in length, while minimizing trauma to the skin.


Your legs are usually a very good spot for sugaring. Both the top and bottom parts of your legs see great results. Leg skin is thick and tough, so it can handle the sugaring process well without getting hurt. Everyone leg hair is different, but it often comes in thick and rough. That means waxing can really pull and tear at your skin. Sugaring is gentler and doesn't stick as much. It gets the job done without causing pain later on.

Another benefit is sugaring helps stop ingrown hairs on your legs. Those happen when hair gets stuck under your skin, causing bumps. Sugaring extracts hair carefully from the root so they don't get embedded in your skin. 

Bikini Area

The bikini zone is an excellent place for sugaring for many women. This includes the hair around your swim wear and the brazilian style removal. While the hair may be thick like your legs, the skin down there is very delicate. Even a little pulling can feel super uncomfortable! The sugar sticks to just the hair pretty well without tugging too hard on your private parts. Wax usually yanks stronger in sensitive spots. 

It's best to trim the hair a little shorter before sugaring too. This makes it easier to remove everything smoothly without extra pain. Remember to gently scrub with a soft exfoliant a couple days before your appointment. Getting rid of dead skin helps the sugar glide off nicer when it's time for your treatment. With sugaring, even this tender area can feel good as new afterwards without irritations like waxing sometimes causes.

Back and Chest

Both backs and chests often respond very well to sugaring, especially for coarser hair. While both sugaring and waxing can work to remove hair from these areas, some of our clients prefer sugaring due to its natural ingredients and less painful method.

Backs in particular can be difficult to wax, as it requires a lot of twisting and turning to reach all areas on your own. With sugaring performed by a professional, you do not need to arch your back as much for an uncomfortable amount of time. Back hair typically comes in thick in patchy areas, making sugaring an excellent choice for thorough removal.

Chest hair is often similar to arm or leg hair so sugaring provides great results while being gentler on the skin than waxing. You know your own body best, but usually the broader the back/chest area, the more sugaring may suit your hair removal needs compared to other methods.

Sugaring vs waxing at a glance

Considerations for different body hair

  1. Hair thickness - Thinner hair on areas like face and arms will work better than coarser hair.

  2. Skin sensitivity - More delicate areas like face and bikini line are gentler with sugaring versus waxing.

  3. Skin type - Dry or sensitive skin benefits from natural sugaring over potentially irritating waxing.

  4. Hair density - Dense hair growth on legs, back is removed thoroughly with sugaring.

  5. Comfort - Sugaring tends to be less painful than waxing, especially for larger areas or contours.

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To close

  • The face is well-suited due to fine hair and delicate skin.

  • Arms and legs are good candidates with thicker hair that sugaring removes easily.

  • Back and chest work for their larger sizes, sugaring saving time vs waxing.

  • Bikini and Brazilian areas see benefits due to sensitive skin in the zone.

  • Consider your hair/skin type as well as comfort needs to choose best spots to start regular sugaring for hair removal benefits.

FAQs about sugar wax

Does sugaring eventually stop hair growth?

While sugaring doesn't completely prevent hair regrowth long term like laser hair removal, it can thin hair and slow hair growth over time as follicles are damaged with repeated removal. Most people notice softer, finer regrowth.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t get sugared?

Those with very sensitive skin conditions like eczema may want to try a patch test first or stick to waxing. If you have any skin infections or open sores, wait for those to heal before sugaring. 

Are there any side effects of sugaring hair removal?

Occasionally redness, swelling or minor irritation can occur, especially if aftercare instructions are not followed. Ingrown hairs are possible if hair is pulled when embedded under skin. As with any hair removal method, results and comfort levels will vary. Seek professional advice if side effects last more than a couple days.

How often should sugaring be done?

Most people need touch-ups on a regular schedule as follows:

  • Face: Every 1-2 weeks.

  • Underarms: Every 2-4 weeks.

  • Bikini line or Brazilian: Every 3-5 weeks.

  • Legs: Every 4-6 weeks.

  • Arms: Every 4-8 weeks.


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