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Smoother hair with Keratin treatment on this Christmas

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Fredericton

Hello Ladies, days of celebrations are coming. Everyone is thinking and planning for Christmas and New Year, and you could be one of them. You must be searching for the gift ideas and also preparing for the women’s most favorite thing that is booking an appointment with your beautician. But why too early? Due to pandemic, an early appointment for a COVID-19 free salon and spa experience is a wise decision. In this way, you don’t need to rush to find a beauty salon in December because all of them will be booked especially the most reputable spa and salon. In this article, we will discuss Keratin hair treatment, which can last up to 12 weeks. So if this advanced hair treatment is in your list of beauty treatments for New Year or Christmas then book your appointment now and get this hair service a little earlier.


Let’s know the Keratin first.

Keratin is a protein that is naturally occurred in the hair. This protein is a major part of our hair. The keratin level starts decreasing due to many factors like age, chemical-based hair care products, hair styling and dandruff. So our hair start losing out the natural gloss and shine and become dry. To overcome these problems, Keratin hair treatments are a great option. After getting these treatments, your hair will be manageable and healthy enough because it will coat your hair with a layer of keratin. A high-temperature hair straightener is used for keratin treatment to bind into the hair. The process is used to damage any repair by sealing the hair cuticle.

Types of Keratin treatment

There are two types of keratin hair treatments. First one is Brazilian blowout which is ideal if you want to straighten your hair. Brazilian blow out can last up to 12 weeks depending on your hair care routine. While the second one is Keratin smoothing hair treatment which offers extra shine and frizz-free hair. Smoothing treatment can last up to 20 weeks but with your proper hair care routine. Keratin smoothing treatment prices can be $150 to $350 depending on the service you choose. So you can choose the one according to your need.

Any Side effect of Keratin hair Treatment?

For making hair frizz-free with Brazilian blowout, a chemical formaldehyde-based solution is applied on the hair. Large doses of this solution are harmful to your skin. However, some hairstylist uses a cream barrier on the scalp so that the chemical will only absorb into the hair and not to your skin. While Keratin smoothing treatments, do not use formaldehyde solution, and thus consider a safer hair treatment.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

  • Smooth and shiny hair with extra gloss

  • Hair will be soft and frizz-free

  • Cut down on styling and drying time


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