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Pregnant Belly Facial our newest spa service

Pregnant belly facial our newest spa service

A woman's body undergoes tremendous stress during pregnancy as the result of physical and emotional changes. These issues can be resolved through various techniques developed especially for pregnant females.  And you may be surprised to know that a belly facial is one of them.


What is Belly Facial?

Belly Facials provide the perfect way for mom’s skin to be nourished & relaxed in the gentlest ways. The Belly Facial focuses on moms growing belly to soften skin, reduce itching while growing a belly, and possibly prevent stretch marks. Our newest spa service in Fredericton helps relax the expecting mom and creates a healthier environment for mommy and baby.


Why Belly Facial?

Because many expectant mothers face excessive dryness during pregnancy, so the skin can be moisturized by belly facials. This kind of facial is great for restoring hydration. Also, it can be helpful for women who complain of unpleasant pregnancy aches. Getting a facial might be the answer if you're always in pain and stiff when you're pregnant. This facial can also prevent skin from drying out. And, in turn, can also avoid the development of stretch marks. Growing belly can also cause skin injury and discoloration, so regular belly facials are the best way to prevent these issues.



The process is simple and comfortable. In the treatment bed at a slight angle according to your comfort, the esthetician gently exfoliate the skin to maximize elasticity, then infuse it with high concentrations of moisture. This minimizes the discomfort of itchy, irritated skin. Additionally, you get to choose a customized Hydro Jelly Mask for an ultra-charged customized treatment! Finally, enjoy a relaxing arm and hand massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. You will feel your belly skin supple, nourished, and smooth after this unique “facial”, and of course without any side effects. This is because most of the advanced spas only use quality products during the whole process.

The treatment should be repeated every two weeks after the first trimester if you want ideal results. This unique facial is affordable as the price is around more or less 100$ per session. You can visit our Facebook page for regular promotions and announcements for this and other beauty treatments.


Completely Safe Treatment

It is completely safe for Mom and Baby because nothing is absorbed into your body, and the massage is very gentle. Best spas like us only use quality skincare products that are all naturally derived and free from harsh chemicals; that’s why safe for all skin types.



Belly Facial is for everyone.

The most interesting thing about this belly facial is, it’s not only for pregnant women but for everyone. Even if you are not pregnant and your belly skin is dried, discolored, or saggy, you can still have this facial treatment to cure and prevent these kinds of issues. And yes, it is suitable for any type of skin.


Belly Facial Benefits

·         Suitable for all skin types

·         No Side Effects and no Down time

·         Helps reduce stretch marks

·         Moisturized the skin

·         Improve blood circulation

·         Address various skin issues such as dryness, itching,

·         Best for you even if you are Pregnant, not pregnant or postpartum


So beauties, what are you waiting for? Even If you are expecting or not and want to have soft and nourished belly skin, go to your nearest spa and see the difference in just 45 minutes. 


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