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Powder Brows or Microblading - Do you know the difference?

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There are a few terms that clients have difficulty navigating when considering semi-permanent treatments for their brows. There are numerous styles available for eyebrows because it is the most popular genre. Sometimes multiple techniques are blended to get the best results. There is a lot of confusion about Microblading and Ombre Brows (also called powder brows), the two most commonly used terms. In this article, we will discuss both treatments in detail.



The procedure of microblading adds precise hair-like strokes and gives the eyebrows volume and texture to create the perfect shape. This procedure looks very natural since only your own gaps are filled in. A hand tool can be used manually in this process, or a microneedle can be used digitally. Based on how the hair stroke will look, the blades size and thickness can be determined. The artist normally uses thicker blades to create a coarser appearance when creating hair strokes, and due to the variety of blade sizes, the artist can exactly decide what type of hair stroke the artist wants. Someone with sparse, fine eyebrow hair would be a good candidate for this method.

The procedure can be quite painful for some people. Often, the skin will be reddened after the treatment, but it will heal quickly.


Powder Brows

In Ombre Brows, the tails of the eyebrow are darker for a complete, subtle look, similar to the makeup look, with soft, misty brows. It has a consistent Ombre effect throughout, with darker tails leading to a light brow. Using this method, you are guaranteed a waterproof, smudge-proof, and completely natural result. The shading looks like it was applied by hand in powder brows, and the brows are much denser and more expressive.

As part of Powder Brows, fine needles are used to implant permanent color into the upper skin layer. The process is similar to tattooing. There are no lines drawn, but small dots are placed under natural hair under the shaded skin. Powder-like effects are created in this way.

Slight swelling and redness may occur after the treatment. Occasionally, Powder Brows is also offered as microshadowing in some medical spas.


Powder Brows last longer

The durability of the color is vastly different when it comes to microblading and ombre powder brows; microblading can last from five to seven months, while powder brows can last up to five years.

It is important to consider the texture of the skin when considering how long the color will last. Oily skin tends to have a shorter duration of color than normal and dry skin. In my opinion, women with oily skin would be better off opting for permanent makeup instead of microblading since they last longer.


Cost of the treatments

The price of the treatment includes a follow-up treatment, as well. Approximately four weeks after your first treatment, you should visit your salon to fill in any gaps. First appointments for permanent makeup typically last two and a half hours, while touch-up appointments last between one and two hours.


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