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Never ignore these 7 signs of Dry hair

Dry Hair Salon Fredericton

Dry hair is a common hair care problem, even during the hot Fredericton summers. It often causes difficulty with the styling and managing of hairstyles. Still, even though it is a common problem, many do not know how to improve their hair's health and manageability. This article will discuss how you can identify the signs of dry hair.


So how do you know if you have dry hair? In some cases, it may be obvious, but the signs are more subtle and more difficult to identify in others. In general, dry hair will show one or more of the following symptoms. These 7 signs are listed in order of severity to assist you in identifying any undesirable qualities that your hair may present.


Signs of Dry Hair

  1. Dry hair will often be challenging to manage, even with styling products. This may be as simple as not achieving the expected results from those products or styling attempts or related to more severe causes. Read our other article to know the causes of dry hair.

  2. Hair should feel supple and soft to the touch. Dry hair will often feel stiff and crispy, similar to dry straw

  3. Healthy hair will have a shiny quality to it naturally. If the hair lacks enough moisture, it will be dull and lackluster

  4. Dry hair will tangle easily. If you have tangles or knots frequently throughout the day, the cause is usually due to dry hair.

  5. Frequent and large numbers of split ends are a good indication of dry hair. Depending on hair length, spilt ends are an inevitable occurrence due to the hair cuticle's nature and the tendency for the older cuticle to shed from the cortex of the hair shaft. However, this should be no more than 1/4 of the hair ends and should only be managed every six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Any more than this is excessive damage and often caused by dry hair. If you are having difficulty with split ends, consult your stylist for a solution, which can be related to poor cutting techniques.

  6. Frizziness is most often caused by dry hair. Commonly, this is incorrectly contributed to humidity. Leading many people to treat their hair with anti-humectant products and failing to solve the root cause of the frizzy hair. If you discover that anti-humectant products are not helping with your frizzy hair then the problem could be traveling split ends. In excessively dry hair, a split ends will travel up the hair shaft causing permanent damage. This traveling is possible because the cuticle has become weakened by the lack of moisture and essential oils and no longer bonds to the cortex, strongly allowing the outer cuticle to separate at the hair end and continue to separate up the hair shaft.

  7. The most severe sign of dry hair is brittleness and breakage. In this case, the hair shaft has become so deprived of moisture that it has lost its elasticity, hardening to the point that it is similar to a dry twig and will break when exposed to any sharp angle or mechanical manipulation. This includes brushing, styling, or elastic bands. If you experience this sign of dry hair, you must manage it before the breakage becomes so severe that your hair can no longer support any style.

Try in salon hair treatments

There are many types of salon treatments for dry hair. If you're looking for a quick fix, you can always go to a hair salon and get Olaplex Hair Treatment or deep conditioning treatment for your dry hair. These treatment are used to make your hair smooth, soft, and shiny.


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