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Nail Health Matters - How to Maintain Strong and Healthy Nails

Nail health is within your reach but requires the proper care and commitment to see dramatic results. Did your nails break in half again, or have they become dull and peeling? Keeping your nails strong, smooth, and sculpted may seem out of your control, but with some simple lifestyle tweaks and at-home remedies, you can transform your nails from stubs to studs. By optimizing your nutrition, using targeted treatments, and developing a routine for nail maintenance, gorgeous nails can be yours. With time and consistency, you'll look at your nails in a new light. Healthy, dazzling nails are, of course, achievable - you must prioritize them. Here are simple tips to follow for strong and healthy nails. 


Use Natural Oils: Nourishment for Your Nails


Ideally, apply a natural oil to your nails and fingertips at least 3 times a day. Hand washing strips away the natural oils that help protect nails, so reapplying oil is crucial for nail strength and shine.


One drop of high-quality cuticle oil is enough to moisturize nails and the skin on your hands and fingers. What matters most is developing a consistent oil application routine, not the amount. You can use pure jojoba oil, which absorbs quickly or blends jojoba oil with sunflower, avocado, or coconut oil for extra nourishment. Making oil use a habit with each hand washing will make a difference.


As the oil coats your nails and soaks into the skin around them, you'll notice softer fingernails, reduced peeling and breakage, diminished hangnails, and an overall healthier glow. Over time and with regular use, your nails will become less prone to snapping or splitting and grow longer and stronger. 


Tread Carefully with Nail Polish Remover


While nail polish remover is useful for changing polish colors or styles, it must be used properly to avoid damage. Harsh chemicals like acetone strip the natural oils that hydrate and keep your nails healthy. With regular use, your nails can become brittle and weaken.


Limit remover to 1-2 times a month at most. When used, apply remover sparingly and avoid soaking nails. Use cotton sticks or pads instead of remaining submerged in acetone.


With proper precautions and moderate use, nail polish remover can absolutely be part of your beauty routine without damaging nail health. Follow recommendations from your nail technician for the best approach based on your specific needs. With the cautious use of chemical removers and moisture, you will have your nails healthy and strong for life.


Preserve Cuticles for Strong, Healthy Nails


The cuticle serves as an important barrier protecting nails and the sensitive skin around them. It seals the area and prevents damage, infection or unsightly tears. While pushing back cuticles occasionally and gently may be fine, frequent manipulation or aggressive trimming compromises this protection and can lead to complications.


Cuticles help minimize painful hangnails and prevent bacteria and pathogens from penetrating under the nail plate. An intact cuticle also absorbs and distributes moisture/nutrients for nail nutrition. Pushing back, cutting or removing cuticles breaks this protection seal, leaving nails vulnerable.


See a Nail Technician for Professional Nail Treatments


Professional manicures are invaluable for nail health, growth, and longevity. Manicurists have the proper training, tools, and experience to shape nails precisely and avoid imperfections or damage that leads to problems.


While home manicures may seem budget-friendly and low-maintenance, they often cause more trouble than they're worth. Amateur mistakes include applying polish thickly, catching cuticles, filing nails unevenly, or using poor-quality products - all of which can lead to pain, infections, and short-lived results.


Professional manicurists have the knowledge and expertise to properly file, buff, and shape nails for your specific nail type without stressing the nail or damaging the matrix. They use high-quality, professional nail care products to condition and strengthen nails without irritation. Paraffin wax dipping and nail strengthening treatments are often included to rehydrate nails and soften cuticles.


Biweekly manicures at a nail salon led to nails that grow long and strong with minimal breaks or peeling. Nail health, moisture balance, and proper shaping and filing are maintained to support growth versus compromising it with at-home shortcuts.


Pamper Your Nails at our Salon in Fredericton


For professional manicures and pedicures, visit Vibrant Salon and Spa. We have the experience and products to keep your nails in salon-perfect condition while allowing you to express your unique style. Pamper yourself at one of the best nail salons in Fredericton. Elegant, healthy nails are our guarantee.


Visit us today for a treatment that will keep you coming back for more! We look forward to providing you with luxury nail services and care.


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