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Lip Fillers Do they really work?

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To get volume and augmentation in the lips, men and women have used a variety of injectable, massages, devices, and plumping products over the years. The size of your lips can be permanently increased by permanent lip fillers (through surgery), but we believe temporary injectable lip fillers are a better option - if you have permanently plumped lips ten years from now, they could look strange once your face has changed after the effects of natural aging. In this article we will discuss the effectiveness and benefits of lip fillers.


What are Lip Fillers?

The injection of dermal fillers is one of our most popular lip treatments. A lip filler's longevity depends on the product chosen and factors that are specific to each individual. During the procedure, numbing cream can be applied to reduce discomfort. It takes 30 minutes to complete the treatment.


How do lip fillers work?

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injected with a needle or cannula into different points on the lips during a lip filler treatment. HYALURONIC ACID, which is inherently hydrophilic in nature, is good filler material. So water is able to get into the pores and hold onto it, helping to plump up the lips. Several parts of the lip area can be injected with filler, including directly into the lips, or around the perimeter of the mouth, which is called the vermillion border. The former will make the lips appear fuller, whereas the latter will make them appear more defined.


Benefits of these lip fillers

There are several benefits of these special fillers for lips some of them are as follow


Reduce aging's effects

Lip fillers can also be used on or around the lips to treat fine lipstick lines and wrinkles. Natural aging causes hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin to deplete from the skin, which in turn flattens, thins and deflates the lips. Additionally, sun exposure can lead to wrinkles around the mouth.


Increase Size

You're most likely to have small lips because of genetics. Adding cosmetic fillers increases the volume of lips so that they appear suppler and luscious. Patients often fear that lip fillers will result in a disproportionate, bee sting-like appearance; however, this isn't likely to happen. The lips may be lightly enhanced by dermal fillers specialists, often in a way that is only slightly noticeable.


Glossier Lips

Living in a colder climate makes it more likely for people to have dry or dull lips. The use of lip fillers also has the advantage of making dry, chapped, and cracked lips appear smoother and shinier. Vibrant Salon and Spa uses fillers that contain hyaluronic acid as a moisture-preservative.


Equalize asymmetrical lips

It is possible for people to be born with an asymmetrical lip that has a larger top lip or a smaller bottom lip, or alternatively, to develop this asymmetry as a result of weakened facial muscles or disease. By altering the shape and structure of the lips, hyaluronic acid fillers can do more than simply augment them.


Completely safe

These lip injections are performed in medical spas quickly and conveniently. They are extremely low-maintenance, and injectors can control the amount of filler that is placed. If the filler outcomes in unsatisfactory results, you can restore them with an enzyme.


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