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Laser hair removal, a permanent solution for unwanted hair

Best hair removal Fredericton

Hair removal by laser has rapidly gained fame over the last couple of years and is now one of the best and only technique used to successfully remove unwanted hair permanently. Other hair removal methods, such as waxing and shaving, are very painful and are only helpful for a short period of time. Some experts suggest not to go for plucking and waxing for people who suffer from a serious illness like diabetes, varicose veins, or have poor blood circulation as they are more prone to infection.

You can safely get rid of unwanted hair through laser without damaging your skin and any kind of side effects. In this technique, laser produces a beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicles where it is absorbed. Then it is converted to the heat. As a result, it destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin and surrounding area. After the treatment, if there is hair re-growth, it will be of course, lighter and finer than before with each treatment. You can have a hair-free and smooth skin for up to two months between sessions.

It takes anywhere between five to seven sessions of laser hair removal to accomplish up to 85% hair loss. A couple of maintenance appointments to your MediSpa in a year may be needed. Laser hair removal is a painless, effective, and safest solution than any other hair removal treatment available in the market. Many of our clients asked different questions, so we will discuss here the most frequently asked questions about laser hair removal treatment.

Is it safe to have laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal machine produces beams that only target the pigment in the hair. That means the laser beam targets and destroys only the hair follicle and leaves the skin and surrounding area unaffected. Hair removal by laser has been used without any side effects on a lot of people, including men and women throughout the world, and now considered one of the best hair removal treatments, and studies have proved that there are no short or long term side effects of this method.

Laser hair removal, is it painful or not?

During laser hair removal treatment, because the high strength beam is being used, some clients report slight pain like snapped with a rubber band. Thanks to the latest technology, this slight pain can also be reduced. Many new lasers machines like Venus Velocity now combine a cooling system that automatically lessens, or eliminates, heat from the skin's surface during the treatment.

If we compare this treatment with other hair removal techniques like waxing, shaving, etc. then laser hair removal is the only painless and safest method to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal, is it really a permanent solution?

It really depends on your hair re-growth. Certain people may see long-lasting results, while others who see little re-growth in the treated area may need a maintenance treatment to maintain the results. Normally, after a couple of sessions of laser hair removal treatment, you can see a very dramatic reduction in hair growth. But if hair does re-grow, it will come back finer in texture or lighter in color. Most clients receive four to six sessions on each area. But the total numbers will depend on your hair color, skin type, texture, and the skin area being treated.

Laser hair removal, is it suitable for everyone?

Laser hair removal might not be fit for everyone. It works perfectly on individuals with dark hair and light skin. But, don not give up hope, if you don’t have this type of skin. Book an appointment with Vibrant Medical Spa and see what they recommend to you. Due to much improvement in technology, many lasers systems are now able to work with a range of different skin types

In most cases, the technician will do a test spot and wait for a minimum of fifteen minutes to a maximum of two days, depending on your skin, to see your body reaction to the laser. The  technician would know best what machine setting is most suitable to use according to your skin type.

Laser hair removal, is it a good option for men?

Hair removal by laser can definitely be helpful for men. Unwanted back hair, excessive or thick hair on the chest can be awkward and uncomfortable. Many men with unnecessary hair feel embarrassed in almost every culture and thus search for the latest and result-oriented hair removal solutions. There are numerous solutions for men that are available in the market today. Waxing or tweezing are some of those, but can be unrealistic and frequently results in infections or unpleasant breakouts. Shaving causes the fast re-growth of hair. Laser hair removal is becoming equally more popular among men. This process is effective and simple with long-lasting results, and of course, there is no downtime.


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