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Keep Your Cuticles Hydrated and Healthy in Summer

As the summer heat rises in Fredericton, NB, taking proper care of your nails and cuticles becomes even more important. From swimming in local lakes to biking trails along the St. John River, residents of this capital city engage in plenty of outdoor summer activities that can leave hands and nails feeling dry. In this article, we will provide the top tips to keep cuticles healthy and hydrated throughout the season.

Effects of summer on cuticles 

Exposure to sun and UV rays  

Just like your skin, your nails and cuticles are vulnerable to sun damage from UV rays. Prolonged sun exposure can dry out and weaken your cuticles over time if not protected. Using a nail polish or sunscreen with built-in UV protection is recommended when spending time outdoors.

Chlorine and saltwater impacts 

Swimming in salt water pools is a favorite summer activity but chlorine and saltwater can be harsh on cuticles. They strip away natural oils and evaporate moisture. Be sure to moisture after swimming and consider wearing gloves for pool or beach activities.

Increased hand washing and sanitizer use 

Throughout the summer, we tend to wash and sanitize our hands more frequently whether at home, work or play. While important for hygiene, frequent washing with harsh soaps can dry out cuticles. 

Dehydration and its effects on skin 

Its easy to get dehydrated in the heat without realizing it. Since our cuticles rely on hydration from within, drinking plenty of water is important in summer months. A dehydrated body results in dry cuticles.

Nails and cuticles care tips for summer

Professional manicures - A must thing in summer

Seeing a nail technician regularly, about once every two weeks, can do wonders for keeping cuticles hydrated and healthy throughout the summer season. Professionals have extensive training in properly caring for nails and delicate cuticle areas.

During a salon manicure, technicians make use of high-quality cuticle oils enriched with vitamins and nutrients. They are designed to deeply moisturize the cuticles to prevent dryness and brittleness. The oils are expertly massaged into the skin to maximize hydration.

Part of the process also involves gently soaking the hands in warm water. This has the effect of softening up the cuticles so they can better absorb any moisturizing products. Sometimes essential oils or other hydrating agents are added to the soaking water for extra benefits.

Afterwards, a rich hand cream is applied to both the hands. This helps lock in moisture to keep the skin supple and smooth. The cream spreads easily along the cuticle line to target that area.

Nail technicians also very carefully push back and trim away any excess or dead cuticle skin in a gentle manner. This removes flakes or debris that could lead to dirt traps and issues like infection if left unattended. The end result is fresh, healthy-looking cuticles.

The regular nail care given during professional manicures, using high-quality products and techniques, makes them extremely valuable for cuticle hydration particularly in summer's drying conditions. In fact, for some people a biweekly manicure is enough of a moisture boost on its own to keep cuticles healthy and hydrated throughout the entire sunny season. The deep conditioning treatments and gentle exfoliation performed by nail technicians replenishes hydration at a deeper level than many home remedies can provide alone.

Combined with consistent daily moisturizing, this single remedy of regular salon manicures is enough for soft, supple cuticles even during summer's harshest months.

Moisturize regularly 

Applying a good quality cuticle oil or cream to both nails and cuticles multiple times throughout the day is key to keeping them supple and hydrated all summer long. Look for products containing natural moisturizers like vitamin E, jojoba oil or shea butter or you may ask your nail tech recommendations. After washing your hands or being in the water, your cuticles need moisture the most.

Protect from the sun

Just as you apply sunscreen to protect exposed skin, your hands and cuticles require sun protection too when spending time outdoors. Look for sunscreens, lotions that contain broad spectrum sun protection. Reapply as directed.

Don’t use harsh products

Harsh chemicals found in some nail treatments and cleaning items can dry out cuticles over time with repeated use. Opt for mild, pH balanced soaps and avoid nail polish removers containing acetone when possible. Wear gloves for lengthy chores involving solvents or repeat hand washing.

Stay hydrated

Internal hydration is just as important for cuticle care as external moisture. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially on hot summer days when your body loses more fluids through sweat. Proper hydration results in healthier, softer cuticles and nails all over.

Gentle cuticle care at home

At home, avoid cutting cuticles which can lead to infection. If they really need trimming, gently push them back when soft after washing hands or soaking nails in warm water is safer. Wooden or rubber cuticle sticks massaged in a single direction are gentler than metal tools.

Be patient and try your best to care for cuticles at home until your next manicure appointment. Sometimes it's better to just wait for your professionally-trained nail technician if cuticles seem overly dry or irritated, instead of risking further damage that could take longer to heal. They will be able to address any problem areas much more effectively.

Visit our nail salon in Fredericton for professional Mani Pedi services

Maintaining healthy, hydrated cuticles is important for your nail and hand care all summer long. Be sure to incorporate regular moisturizing into your routine as we've discussed.

For professional treatments throughout the season, Visit Vibrant Salon and Spa right here in Fredericton, NB. As a trusted nail salon in Fredericton, we provide the best manicure and pedicure services using only the professional products suited for each client individual nail and skin needs.

Our nail technicians are experts at identifying and addressing any cuticle or nail concerns like dryness, hangnails or cracking. You will leave feeling your best with renewed softness. Whether you stop by for a single service or full spa package, booking your nail appointment at our salon is an easy way to maintain cuticle health even on busy summer days in Fredericton.


  • Regular Manicures: Schedule manicures every 2 weeks during summer for deep conditioning treatments from professionals. This helps maintain cuticle health based on lifestyle and condition.

  • Home Care: Apply cuticle oil daily, especially after handwashing or swimming, to keep cuticles hydrated between salon visits. Use a rich hand cream throughout the day as well.

  • Sun Protection: When outdoors, use a hand cream with SPF on hands and cuticles to shield them from UV rays that accelerate dryness and skin damage in the summer sun.

FAQs about cuticles care in summer 

How do you fix severely dry cuticles?

Visit our salon and meet one of our professional manicurists for deep exfoliation, masking and the right repair products to heal extremely dry cuticles. Their training addresses severe conditions effectively.

What are some signs of unhealthy cuticles? 

Signs include peeling, cracking, redness/inflammation, hangnails and brittle nails lacking moisture.

What role does a professional manicure play in cuticle health?

Professional manicures are extremely beneficial, especially in summer, as manicurists are trained to properly shape and care for nails and cuticles. They remove excess dry skin, control cuticle growth and apply products tailored to each client’s nail and skin type. Manicures can nourish when our hands need extra moisture and hydration.


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