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Is Eyebrow shading really permanent, and why it is trending?

Eyebrow shading Fredericton

Permanent eyebrow makeup is also known as cosmetic tattooing or permanent cosmetics. In technical terms, the method is called micro pigment implantation, derma pigmentation or micro-pigmentation. It is a modern procedure used in medical spas where pigments are deposited into the skin's layer. The treatment is done by cosmetic technicians who use several machines and methods, including traditional or specialized coil or tattoo machines. It is long-lasting and can remain in the skin for 12 to 48 months depending on the skin type, placement and color.

Brow shading is known by many names, such as ombre shading or shadow effect, Eyebrow Shading uses pin-dot pigment application to make a gradient shaded appearance. The outcomes are comparable to those you would accomplish with makeup, with a perfect personalized finish hat lasts long for several months on end!

Eyebrow Shading settles stunningly. Pigment never turns grey, ashy or blue. Instead, it fades certainly over time. Here are the Top Reasons to consider Brow Shading

Sensitive Skin

Are you worried, microblading may hurt or cause irritation? There is little discomfort, thanks to advanced gentle techniques and appropriate care. Because Brow Shading involves minor incisions as compared to microblading, it is the perfect eyebrow makeup for those with extreme skin sensitivities.

Enlarged Pores or Oily Skin

Microblading comprises the application of hair-like strokes, hyper-realistic, under the skin. This is perfect for several clients, but for few, it may not be a good option.

Customers with unusually large pores or oily skins may find that results from microblading treatment are not suitable for them. This is because, once they settle, microblading treatment results tend to appear pale and blurry on those with enlarged pores or oily skins. Pigment weakens so quickly on these customers.

For Tough or Mild Skin

Brow Shading is an entirely safe eyebrow solution for you as long as you do not have any acne, rosacea, eczema or directly on your eyebrow area.

Soft and Subtle Shading

If you are not interested in having bold brows? Brow Shading is a greatly adaptable procedure, so if you don’t want the bolder brows, try a more natural look with brow shading.

This is the seamless choice for individuals who want to go makeup-free and those who do not like makeup. Several fair-skinned individuals and blonds like it as well.

Soft and subtle shading is also the best way for individual who are not sure what kind of look they need because they may all the time select to go bolder at the touch-up.

Bold Makeup

For those who usually have a face of full-coverage makeup, Medical spa skilled technicians can give them a beautiful brow according to their desire. Do not worry about your eyebrows being too bold; the vibrant team is qualified to make customized, gratifying shape to suit any style.

Average or Full Brow hair

Even people with a lot of natural brow hair can also receive Eyebrow Shading treatment. If you are one of them, and you frequently use pomades, pencils or powders to define and darken your brows or fill in gaps, you should try Brow Shading.

The Eyebrow permanent makeup achieves everything you get with makeup, but lasts approximately one to three year and at all times looks perfect. Every day you will wake up feeling gorgeous and save your time during morning routine.

Quick Results

Eyebrow Shading is a quick procedure. You will be in and out of Medical Spa in about 120 minutes and settled in just 48 hours. That means you are able to return to your daily routine two days after leaving the spa.

Beautiful Eyebrows with Low maintenance

Eyebrow Shading results in a splendid semi-permanent brow look for people of all skin types and tones (except light blonde or red heads/translucent skin/light eyes) . Normally, clients need a touch-up every 2 to 12 months (depending on client requirements). Those who want a more intense eyebrow, or those with very oily skin, may need to go to their spa for their touch-ups more frequently.


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