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Is brow lamination worth it?

Have you noticed fuller, lift brows trending lately and wondered if brow lamination could give you defined brows without daily maintenance? Brow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment helping to tame unruly hair and shape brows. You may be considering if this procedure is right for you. This guide will help you understand the brow lamination treatment and whether it is worth the investment by discussing what it is, the benefits, potential downsides, and comparing it to other brow treatments.

Eyebrow lamination process      

Brow lamination is a treatment that uses a perming solution to straighten and lift brow hairs into a customized shape for 4 to 6 weeks. A technician will first analyze your natural brow shape and hair growth pattern to determine the ideal finished look. Then, they will use a solution to swell and loosen the inner-structure of each hair so it can be manipulated. With tiny brushes, the specialist strategically brushes and sets every hair into the newly shaped and arched position. The eyebrows are then coated in a protective cream and left to set.

As your brows adjust to their new style, it is important to keep them moisturized. For the first few days following the procedure, applying the provided serum helps hair adjustment. Proper aftercare training your brows to retain their lifted, reshaped form for up to 6 weeks of low-maintenance gorgeous definition.

Things to consider before lamination treatment

Brow type 

Brow lamination works best if you have semi-full brows with some length for the stylist to manipulate. If your eyebrows are too sparse or short, lamination may not give as dramatic an effect since there aren't many hair to train into the new position. Your hair type also matters - straight fine hair will hold the shape differently than coarse, curly brows. Consult your technician to ensure lamination can achieve your desired look.

Desired look

When considering brow lamination, think about whether you prefer a more natural look or something more dramatic. Lamination can definitely give you polished, well-defined brows. However, the straightened and lifted look may be too much for some who want a softer silhouette. If you like a natural brow, lamination risks making them appear too etched-on. On the other hand, if you want bold arches, lamination can really help you stand out. Just keep in mind your own personal taste so the result suits your style. A more natural eyebrow means stating that during your consultation.

Patch test

Always do a patch test to detect any allergies. Situations like sensitive skin, existing rashes or previous reactions to hair products require caution as chemicals are involved. A professional evaluation prior to treatment helps avoid side effects which could defeat the purpose of the treatment.

Benefits of brow lamination 

Immediate visual improvements

One of the biggest brow lamination benefits is how it fills-in sparse areas and adds thickness without extra effort. The straightened hair looks naturally but noticeably fuller and appear to have been expertly shaped, threaded and plucked into defined place.

Long-lasting results

Since lamination trains hair to retain an arch rather than relying on wax or gel, results tend to last 4-6 weeks, depending on growth cycles. Compare this to daily styling that quickly washes away. Lamination frees you from the daily brow routine and provides precision even as hair lengthen or stray from their set path over weeks.

Corrects unruly brows

If your eyebrow hairs tend to grow in multiple directions or are hard to control, lamination may be a great solution. It can train even the wildest brows into a polished, defined and groomed shape that stays looking neat for weeks.

Sometimes eyebrows have minds of their own no matter how hard you try with gels and pencils. Lamination gets them to cooperatively line up and arch just as you prefer, eliminating the daily hassle of taming stray hair. 

The straightened shape also wont fall or spread throughout the day unlike other semi-permanent methods. So, if you have ever wanted to finally get your brows in line without frustrating brushes and combs, lamination promises relief.

Low maintenance aftercare

Aftercare for lamination involves minimal effort like occasional conditioning and brushing. No more messing with waxes or gels means you will save money long-term on expensive brow products. Your morning routine becomes simpler and faster without fiddling with imperfect brow makeup application.

Customized shaping and styling

Lamination lets you tweak even mediocre brows into beautiful shape. An expertly guided transformation can erase years of neglect by creating balance from sparseness or asymmetry.

Your brow specialist helps design the perfect look tailored to your face shape, making your natural brows work harder for your features. The customizable solution gives variety from natural to dramatic extremes.


Not all is roses though - like any chemical treatment, there are several cons to consider:

1.       Since lamination involves straightening solutions, you risk irritating sensitive skin if allergic. Some clients may report redness, flaking or tenderness on or around the brows afterwards. And over-processing can dry out and damage delicate hair fibers, causing breakage over time.

2.       If not performed skillfully, heavy-handed brushing or solutions left too long could yank hair out or leave patches.

Are you an ideal candidate?

If unruly brows drive you batty and you dislike commitment to daily grooming, laminated brows could be your answer. It works especially well if you have:

  • Naturally thin or patchy eyebrows needing fullness

  • Hair growing downwards instead of arched

  • Asymmetric brows in need of balancing

  • Brows that change drastically between waxing

  • Desire definition without makeup application hassle

Consult an experienced professional at your favorite beauty salon and don't hesitate to ask questions to decide if lamination fits your brow goals and skin sensitivities.

Brow lamination vs. other eyebrow treatments 

Lets compare lamination to two other common options:

Brow lamination vs. microblading

  • Technique: Lamination trains existing hairs while microblading deposits pigment for tattooed look.

  • Results: Lamination sculpts natural brows; microblading creates bold strokes or natural shades.

  • Longevity: Lamination lasts 4-6 weeks; microblading lasts 1-3 years.

  • Ideal candidate: Lamination for bushy brows; microblading good for sparse or lacking brows.

Brow lamination vs. brow tinting

  • Technique: Lamination shapes brows; tinting darkens and enhances existing color.

  • Results: Lamination lifts brows into position; tinting adds depth and visibility.

  • Longevity: Lamination 4-6 weeks; tinting 3-6 weeks.

  • Ideal candidate: Lamination for messy brows; tinting for enhancing lightly pigmented eyebrows.

Each treatment achieves different goals so consider your specific needs. Consultations help choose the most effective method for your hair type and expected outcome.

Book your appointment with right the best brow bar in Fredericton

For professional brow lamination services in Fredericton, consider booking your slot at Vibrant Salon and Spa. With years of experience, our expert brow stylist will guide you through the whole process from consultation to application and follow-up care. Clients are ensured maximum satisfaction using only certified, high-quality products.

You are better off avoiding DIY disasters by letting us transform your brows with our artistic talents. Book now and get the enviable eyebrows you have dreamed of without daily struggles.

Vibrant Salon and Spa offers a range of brow treatments like waxing, shaping, tinting, lamination, and microblading all under one roof for your convenience. Check our spa menu online or call for package prices. Consider investing in your most flattering brow look yet with a visit to us.


Eyebrow lamination:

  • Gives perfectly shaped, full brows for 4 to 6 weeks

  • Eliminates the need for brow makeup or tools

  • Works well for unruly, asymmetric or sparse brows

  • Creates polymorphic results from natural to dramatic

  • Requires low-maintenance moisturizing aftercare

While the process involves chemicals and straightening, most experience positive results. Going to a professional minimizes potential side effects. Weigh if the semi-permanent uplift matches your lifestyle needs versus other treatments. With the right candidate and technician, lamination delivers gorgeous brows without daily grooming headaches.

FAQs about eyebrow lamination 

Why do my brows look crazy after lamination?

Your brows may appear over-stylized as the hair adjusts if the shape is not right for your face or if too much solution was applied. When getting lamination done, its important to choose a highly skilled and experienced brow artist. A less qualified technician may not style your brows in the most flattering way. 

Does brow lamination look natural?

It can with the proper technique. Communication is key so the stylist understands your preferences and tailors the result accordingly. With your guidance and their artistry, lamination achieves exactly the natural or defined brow you desire.

How often should I get brow lamination?

Most see optimal results from regular 4 to 6 week touch-ups as growth cycles occur. Like anything involving hair, you may need occasional infill sessions to maintain your preferred shape between treatments as needed.


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